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Vivre et mentir à Téhéran
Author: Ramita Navai
Publisher: Stock
ISBN: 223407861X
Pages: 360
Year: 2015-02-18
View: 327
Read: 659
« Quiconque veut vivre à Téhéran est obligé de mentir. La morale n’entre pas en ligne de compte : mentir à Téhéran est une question de survie. » Ramita Navai explore les secrets de la ville à travers la double vie de ses habitants. Sur l’avenue Vali Asr, on rencontre Dariush, un terroriste repenti ; Farideh, une femme divorcée ; Bijan, un trafiquant d’armes ; Leyla, une actrice porno ou encore Somayeh, une jeune fille amoureuse d’un play-boy. Des individus ordinaires, forcés de mener des existences extraordinaires sous un des régimes les plus répressifs au monde. Dans la tradition du meilleur journalisme littéraire, Ramita Navai compose le portrait intime et saisissant d’un Iran tiraillé entre tradition et modernité.
City of Lies
Author: Ramita Navai
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN: 0297869507
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-05-08
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Lying in Tehran is about survival. Welcome to Tehran, a city where survival depends on a network of subterfuge. Here is a place where mullahs visit prostitutes, drug kingpins run crystal meth kitchens, surgeons restore girls' virginity and homemade porn is sold in the sprawling bazaars; a place where ordinary people are forced to lead extraordinary lives. Based on extensive interviews, CITY OF LIES chronicles the lives of eight men and women drawn from across the spectrum of Iranian society and reveals what it is to live, love and survive in one of the world's most repressive regimes.
I Hid My Voice
Author: Parinoush Saniee
Publisher: House of Anansi
ISBN: 1487000847
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-08-06
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This is the story, based on fact, of a boy who couldn’t speak until the age of seven. Now twenty, he describes the events of his life. Four-year-old Shahaab has not started talking. The family doctor believes there is no cause for concern; nevertheless, Shahaab is ridiculed by others who call him "dumb." Young Shahaab doesn’t understand what the word means and thinks it is a compliment, until one day his cousin plays a trick on him to prove to everyone that the boy truly is the neighbourhood idiot. When his mother recounts the incident to her husband, Shahaab is crushed to learn that his father also thinks the boy’s speech impediment indicates that his son is an idiot and thus brings shame on the family. Shahaab soon recognizes that his father’s love and esteem is concentrated on his older brother, Arash, and his younger sister, Shadee. In his innocent and deeply hurt child’s mind, he begins to believe that the "good" and "intelligent" children like his older brother are their fathers’ sons. On the other hand, children like him who are "clumsy" and "problematic" are their mothers’ sons. From that moment on, his world, which he thought was filled with beauty and kindness, suddenly turns harsh, full of anger and insult. He begins to lash out, taking childish revenge on those around him, encouraged by his two imaginary friends, Esi and Bibi. No one in the family can understand Shahaab’s wild behaviour except his maternal grandmother, who seems to possess the understanding and the kindness he so desperately craves. Their growing bond leads to a deep friendship in which Shahaab is able to experience some happiness and finally find his voice.
The Golden Cage
Author: Shirin Ebadi
Publisher: Kales Press
ISBN: 0979845645
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-04-30
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Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize (2003), and the only Iranian to receive a Nobel Prize in any field, releases a new memoir in April 2011 entitled The Golden Cage: Three Brothers, Three Choices, One Destiny. The book is a fascinating, contemporary autobiographical story of how Iran came to be the nation it is today. The timeliness of her writing is all the more important with daily breaking news of democracy arising in the region. As she says of her new publication, “History is best described through life stories that are told in simple ways by appealing to what human beings hold in common, the love of life and country.” She is a remarkable woman because of her keen intellect, but even more so because of her inbred commitment to, and understanding of, egalitarianism. It is honest to interpret this to mean she is a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights. In addition to focusing on bringing democracy to Iran, she is a visionary in having foreseen what we are now witnessing in the Middle East and foreseeing the same to be inevitable throughout the world for all dictatorships. Dr. Ebadi attributes this in part to the spread of technology, which allows those imprisoned by governments to see how the free world lives. Naturally, the oppressed choose free will. She also believes the innate human spirit to be a driving force behind the inevitability of democracies. Of central importance in Dr. Ebadi's message about Iran and Islam is that she is a moderate. She believes Islam and democracy are compatible. Dr. Ebadi loves peace and abhors violence. In between those two ends, lays a middle ground in which she deftly works to persuade world leaders and the world population to better understand her homeland. A place where she describes the people as a simmering kettle -- bubbling to the top is her voice and those of others calling for Iran's democratization. Clearly this has made her an enemy of the current Iranian regime. She was out of the country when those ruling Iran further attacked in June 2009, compelling her to begin a life in exile. She would face certain arrest and imprisonment were she to return home. For now, she believes it is best to remain living in exile and to continue speaking out around the world, advocating peacefully for all people to be free from oppression. Her new book, The Golden Cage, and companion public speaking itinerary, are crucial parts of her plan.
404 Deskside Activities for Energetic Kids
Author: Barbara Davis
Publisher: Hunter House
ISBN: 0897934679
Pages: 145
Year: 2008
View: 650
Read: 272
This invaluable resource helps K-3 teachers deal with restless, energetic students including those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The book contains quick movement breaks that can be used between other classroom activities to minimize disruptions and maintain a positive learning environment for all students. The activities, labeled according to appropriate age levels, length of play time, and group size, include shape recognition, stretching and relaxing, pantomime and imagination movements, balancing, and team relays. None of the activities require special skills, and there are enough for every day of the school year.
Stages on the Way
Author: Gia Publications
Publisher: GIA Publications
ISBN: 1579990762
Year: 2000-03-01
View: 1085
Read: 957

Author: Elizabeth Mansfield
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497602475
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 208
Read: 294
His Woman Of Affairs Jane Douglas had a sharp wit, a brilliant mind, and an extraordinary knack for numbers. As financial advisor to Lady Martha Kettering, she was able to provide for herself, her sister and her mother. Jane had resigned herself to a quiet life in the country, in service. Viscount Luke Kettering was a Corinthian: self-confident, elegant, with a talent for all the manly arts, and a penchant for taking risks. He was admired by his peers, yet his constant requests for funds to settle his gambling debts caused his mother deep concern. He eagerly accepted her challenge to give him control of his inheritance if he could prove to be financially responsible. All he had to do was act prudently for one month. He did not factor in one detail--that Lady Martha's financial advisor would be overseeing his accounting for the month--and that he was--a she!
The Secret Kingdom
Author: Michele Bledsoe, Richard Bledsoe
ISBN: 1478703628
Pages: 36
Year: 2013-07
View: 694
Read: 1046
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso. Take a journey through the imagination of artist Michele Bledsoe. The Secret Kingdom is a collection of paintings and poetry celebrating the world of dreams.
The Brave
Author: Nicholas Evans
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316125636
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-10-12
View: 1280
Read: 1117
There's little love in eight-year-old Tom Bedford's life. His parents are old and remote and the boarding school they've sent him to bristles with bullies and sadistic staff. The only comfort he gets is from his fantasy world of Cowboys and Indians. But when his sister Diane, a rising star of stage and screen, falls in love with one of his idols, the suave TV cowboy Ray Montane, Tom's life is transformed. They move to Hollywood and all his dreams seem to have come true. Soon, however, the sinister side of Tinseltown casts its shadow and a shocking act of violence changes their lives forever. What happened all those years ago remains a secret that corrodes Tom's life and wrecks his marriage. Only when his estranged son, a US Marine, is charged with murder do the events resurface, forcing him to confront his demons. As he struggles to save his son's life, he will learn the true meaning of bravery. Powerfully written and intensely moving, The Brave traces the legacy of violence behind the myth of the American West and explores our quest for love and identity, the fallibility of heroes and the devastating effects of family secrets.
Author: Taschen, Tomoko Sato
Publisher: Taschen
ISBN: 3836550091
Pages: 96
Year: 2015-11-10
View: 865
Read: 575
All about the Belle Époque: Delicate illustration that defined an era With his instantly recognizable decorative style, Czech artist and Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) defined the look of the fin-de-siècle. In evocative shades of peach, gold, ochre and olive, his seductive compositions of patterns, flowers, and beautiful women became paradigms of the Belle Époque years. Mucha's work permeated illustration, posters, postcards, and advertising designs of his day. His striking posters of star actress Sarah Bernhardt were particularly famous. Alongside this delicate decorative work, Mucha also harbored committed humanist ideals and nationalist beliefs. With monumental works such as The Slav Epic, he expressed his staunch support for Pan-Slavism, promoting the political independence of the Czech and Slavic nations from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This book presents key works from Mucha's distinctive oeuvre to introduce an artist who, with few rivals, distilled the spirit of an age. About the Series: Each book in TASCHEN's Basic Art series features: a detailed chronological summary of the life and oeuvre of the artist, covering his or her cultural and historical importance a concise biography approximately 100 illustrations with explanatory captions
BMW Blues
Author: Françoise Bourdin
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 148046113X
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-01-14
View: 1129
Read: 1050
To Thève, a social climber and entrepreneur, his mythical BMW M5 is an expensive toy that he has lost the right to drive. For Hugo, the car represents a way to move past the tragic death of his sister, who burned alive in a car accident before his very eyes. It was improbable that the two men should meet. They have nothing in common, and yet, they need one another. The young Hugo becomes Thève’s official driver, and right away, the unlikely pair seems destined to bring out the worst in each other. Thrown into high gear on the icy roads, BMW Blues is an astounding novel about finding a new appreciation for life.
The Owl Killers
Author: Karen Maitland
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141918969
Pages: 576
Year: 2009-03-26
View: 969
Read: 1098
'A richly evocative page-turner ... with a disturbing final twist worthy of a master of the spine-tingler, such as Henry James' Daily Express England, 1321. Deep in the heart of countryside lies an isolated village governed by a sinister regime of Owl Masters - theirs is a pagan world of terror and blackmail, where neighbour denounces neighbour and sin is punishable by murder. This dark status quo is disturbed by the arrival of a house of religious women, who establish a community outside the village. Why do their crops succeed when village crops fail; their cattle survive despite the plague? But petty jealousy turns deadly when the women give refuge to a young martyr. For she dies a gruesome death after spitting the sacramental host into flames that can't burn it - what magic is this? Or is the martyr now a saint and the host a holy relic? Accusations of witchcraft and heresy run rife while the Owl Masters rain down hellfire and torment on the women, who must look to their faith to save them from the lengthening shadow of Evil ... a shadow with predatory, terrifying talons. Karen Maitland lives in Lincolnshire and is the author of The White Room, which won an Author's Club Best First Novel Award, and Company of Liars, published to outstanding critical acclaim in 2008.
The Avenue of the Giants
Author: Marc Dugain
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609452119
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-06-03
View: 545
Read: 1297
Avenue of the Giants follows Al Kenner as he progresses from antisocial adolescent to full-fledged serial killer in the turbulent ‘60s and ‘70s. A giant at over 7 feet tall with an IQ higher than Einstein’s, Al was never ordinary. His life is tainted by his parents’ divorce and his mother’s abusive behavior, and it takes a chilling turn on the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Al spends 5 years in a psychiatric hospital, and although he convinces the staff that he is of sound mind, he continues to harbor vicious impulses. Al leads a double life, befriending the Santa Cruz Police Chief and contemplating marrying his daughter, all the while committing a series of brutal murders. Delving into the mind of this complex killer, Marc Dugain powerfully evokes an America torn between the pacifism of the hippie movement and the violence of Vietnam.
A Nasty Piece of Work
Author: Robert Littell
Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co
ISBN: 0715649000
Pages: 260
Year: 2014-03-27
View: 619
Read: 1329
The hunt begins for Lemuel Gunn's most vicious and elusive quarry. Former homicide detective and CIA agent Lemuel Gunn has left behind the Afghanistan battlefield for a trailer in New Mexico to forge a new career as a private investigator. Out of nowhere comes Ornella Neppi, a woman making a mess of her uncle's bail bonds business. She asks Gunn to track down the source of her troubles, a man named Emilio Gava, who has jumped bail after being arrested for buying cocaine. But no photos of Gava seem to exist. And once Gunn begins his search for a man it seems that someone is protecting, hitting dead end after dead end, he starts to suspect that Gava might not exist at all... As Gunn's game of cat and mouse unfolds - every step leading him nearer to the truth - he draws ever closer to an unseen enemy's line of fire.
Letters and Shorter Works
Author: John Eudes
ISBN: 1258087995
Pages: 380
Year: 2011-08
View: 913
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Preface By Wilfrid Myatt And Patrick J. Skinner.