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Self Teaching Manual, Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods
Author: John M. Stermole, Franklin Stermole
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1624885519
Pages: 140
Year: 2012-04-20
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How To Study This Course This e-book is a summary of the first four chapters of the textbook Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods. This e-book is designed with frames so the first frame has the question and the second frame has the answer. You may write all you answers on paper or formulate them mentally, as you prefer. Some questions will require you to make calculations and use a pencil and paper to solve problems or work out the exercise. For these frames it is best to use scratch paper. Do not look ahead at the answers before you have made an honest effort to arrive at the correct answer. You might deceive yourself by thinking that the given answer is the one you would have arrived at. Experience with this type of self-study shows this will not produce learning. Toward the beginning of some modules are “skip ahead” frames, which offer you the opportunity to by-pass certain material if you feel you already know it. If you cannot correctly solve the problems and exercises you skipped, go back and study the by-passed material. The amount of time you spend in any one study session is just what you feel like spending. One of the benefits of self teaching instruction is that you can study at your own pace for as long as you wish. However, it is best not to let too much time go by before resuming study. If you are reading this as a study guide for the short course Economic Evaluations and Investment Decision Methods, provided by Investment Evaluations Corporation, Colorado School of Mines Office of Social Programs and Continuing Education, or another institution. Similar material will be covered in the first half day of class. People that have read and understand this e-book have greatly benefited in the classroom. Good Luck!
Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods
Author: Franklin J. Stermole, John M. Stermole
ISBN: 1878740024
Pages: 85
Year: 1990-05
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Economic Evaluation and Investment Decisions Methods Self Teaching Manual; 16th Ed
Author: Franklin J. Stermole, John M. Stermole, Andrew H. Pederson, Investment Evaluations Corp.
ISBN: 0991194187
Year: 2018-07
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Bulletin ICM
Author: Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
Year: 1998-06
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Prevention Effectiveness
Author: Anne C. Haddix, Steven M. Teutsch, Phaedra S. Corso
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195148975
Pages: 264
Year: 2003
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As public accountability has increased and resources have become scarcer, public health, like clinical medicine, has been forced to re-examine the benefits and costs of its activities. Decision and economic analysis are basic tools in carrying out that mission. These methods have become standard practice in clinical medicine and health services research. This book , now in its second edition, was written in an effort to apply and adapt that experience with public health situations.The book was originally written to introduce Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff to the concepts of decision and economic analysis, to provide guidance on methods to maximize comparability of studios, and to provide access to frequently used reference information. It has been adapted to meet the needs of scientists and managers in state and local health departments and managed care organizations as well as students in schools of public health and clinicians for an introductory text --a text that shows how these methods can be applied in population-based practice, to facilitate better comparability of studies, and to solidify understanding of the scientific basis for use of these tools in decision making. Decision makers will learn how these studies are conducted so they can be critical consumers-- understanding the strengths and limitations- and apply findings to policy and practice.The second edition updates and expands upon the standard methodology for condcuting prevention effectiveness analyses. Each chapter has been revised or re-written. The chapters on measuring effectiveness, decision analysis, and making information useful for decision makers as well as several appendices are entirely new.


Year: 1997
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1994 Publishers Directory
Author: Linda S. Hubbard, Wendy S. Van de Sande
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
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Forthcoming Books
Author: Rose Arny
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Paperbound Books in Print, Fall 1991, Subjects A-L.
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Financial Modeling and Valuation
Author: Paul Pignataro
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118558693
Pages: 432
Year: 2013-06-18
View: 713
Read: 357
Written by the Founder and CEO of the prestigious New York School of Finance, this book schools you in the fundamental tools for accurately assessing the soundness of a stock investment. Built around a full-length case study of Wal-Mart, it shows you how to perform an in-depth analysis of that company's financial standing, walking you through all the steps of developing a sophisticated financial model as done by professional Wall Street analysts. You will construct a full scale financial model and valuation step-by-step as you page through the book. When we ran this analysis in January of 2012, we estimated the stock was undervalued. Since the first run of the analysis, the stock has increased 35 percent. Re-evaluating Wal-Mart 9months later, we will step through the techniques utilized by Wall Street analysts to build models on and properly value business entities. Step-by-step financial modeling - taught using downloadable Wall Street models, you will construct the model step by step as you page through the book. Hot keys and explicit Excel instructions aid even the novice excel modeler. Model built complete with Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, Balance Sheet Balancing Techniques, Depreciation Schedule (complete with accelerating depreciation and deferring taxes), working capital schedule, debt schedule, handling circular references, and automatic debt pay downs. Illustrative concepts including detailing model flows help aid in conceptual understanding. Concepts are reiterated and honed, perfect for a novice yet detailed enough for a professional. Model built direct from Wal-Mart public filings, searching through notes, performing research, and illustrating techniques to formulate projections. Includes in-depth coverage of valuation techniques commonly used by Wall Street professionals. Illustrative comparable company analyses - built the right way, direct from historical financials, calculating LTM (Last Twelve Month) data, calendarization, and properly smoothing EBITDA and Net Income. Precedent transactions analysis - detailing how to extract proper metrics from relevant proxy statements Discounted cash flow analysis - simplifying and illustrating how a DCF is utilized, how unlevered free cash flow is derived, and the meaning of weighted average cost of capital (WACC) Step-by-step we will come up with a valuation on Wal-Mart Chapter end questions, practice models, additional case studies and common interview questions (found in the companion website) help solidify the techniques honed in the book; ideal for universities or business students looking to break into the investment banking field.
Manual of Process Economic Evaluation
Author: Alain Chauvel, Gilles Fournier, Claude Raimbault
Publisher: Editions TECHNIP
ISBN: 2710808366
Pages: 458
Year: 2003
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This volume will enable the reader to successfully undertake pre-project evaluations, especially in the areas of refining and petrochemistry. It encompasses all the essential steps: market analysis, comparative studies of technical and economic issues, sensitivity studies, sizing and costing of the equipment required for an industrial-scale plant, estimation of capital spending, calculation of costs and sales prices, etc. The first edition of this manual proved to be a very valuable teaching tool for universities and advanced engineering and business schools, both in France and abroad. It is essential for the rapid evaluation of the cost and profitability of proposed plants and of those already in operation. It has been widely used by engineers, consulting firms, and corporate research and development departments. Its status as the only current publication that covers all the steps involved in the economic evaluation of projects will render it particularly valuable to its users. It will quickly become indispensable to everyone whose job it is to evaluate the economic impact of the development, cancellation or reorientation of a project.Contents: 1. Market analysis. 2. The elements of economic calculation. 3. The determination of battery limits investments. Appendix 1. Functional modules method (FMM). Appendix 2. PrE-estime method. Bibliography. Index
Books in Print
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Handbook on Impact Evaluation
Author: Shahidur R. Khandker, Gayatri B. Koolwal, Hussain A. Samad
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 082138029X
Pages: 260
Year: 2009-10-13
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Public programs are designed to reach certain goals and beneficiaries. Methods to understand whether such programs actually work, as well as the level and nature of impacts on intended beneficiaries, are main themes of this book.
The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties
Author: Steve Berges
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118045807
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-01-06
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This practical, real-world guide gives investors all the tools they need to make wise decisions when weighing the value and potential of investment properties. Written for old pros as well as novice investors, this friendly, straightforward guide walks readers step by step through every stage of property analysis. Whether you're buying or selling, investing in big commercial properties or single-family rentals, you'll find expert guidance and handy resources on every aspect of real estate finance, including: * Proven, effective valuation techniques * Finance tips for all different kinds of property * How various financing strategies affect investments * Structuring financial instruments, including leverage, debt, equity, and partnerships * Measurements and ratios for investment performance, including capitalization rates and gross rent multiplier ratios * Future and present value analysis * How the appraisal process works * Primary appraisal methods-replacement cost, sales comparison, and income capitalization-and how to know which one to use * How to understand financial statements, including income, balance, and cash flow * Case studies for single-family rentals, multifamily conversions, apartment complexes, and commercial office space * A detailed glossary of important real estate terminology