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Angéline de Montbrun
Author: Laure Conan
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442637609
Year: 1974-12-15
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Laure Conan was the first woman novelist in French Canada and the first writer in all Canada to attempt a roman d'analyse. As she refused to have her true identity revealed, the author of the preface to her book, Abbé H.-R. Casgrain, made a point of confirming that it was indeed a woman hiding behind the pen-name. Her daring in writing a psychological novel was 'forgiven' because she was a woman, and her anticipating the trend towards this type of novel was attributed to 'that intuition natural to her sex.' In Angéline de Montbrun, Laure Conan broke with what has been called the 'collective romanticism' of nineteenth-century French-Canadian land, with the rural myth, the exhortative tone, and the vast canvas. These concerns are basically absent in her work. Further, she eschewed the details of adventure and intrigue, the wooden, predictable characters, and the transparent intricacies of romantic love in favour of writing about the inner turmoil of an individual, live character, a young woman caught in a complex web of human appetites, aspirations, and relationships. Because of the novel's realism, one of the most persistent topics of discussion about Laure Conan has been whether or not Angéline de Montbrun is autobiographical. Recent studies indicate it may be. In any case, Angéline was the most complex character in Canadian fiction to 1882 and for some time to come. Traditionally, Angéline de Montbrun was regarded as a novel of Christian renunciation, and Angéline as the most holy of heroines. For a long time no one went too deeply into the relationships between the characters, but in 1961 Jean Le Moyne bluntly stated that 'the lovers in the novel are not Maurice Darville and Angéline, but M. de Montbrun and his daughter.' Since then there has been a proliferation of interpretations and psychological studies of the novel, and there is no going back to the simpler view of it.
Riversong of the Rhone
Author: Charles Ferdinand Ramuz
Publisher: Onesuch Press
ISBN: 0987401440
Pages: 104
Year: 2015-05-03
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Nearly seventy years after the death of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1878-1947), it is safe to say that the reputation of Switzerland’s legendary poet of the people is secure, at least in French. Since 2005, his 22 novels have appeared in a two-volume Pléiade Edition from Gallimard (Paris) and Éditions Slatkine in Geneva has completed 29 volumes of Ramuz’s Oeuvres Complètes (Complete Works). The author’s slightly blurred face has been on the Swiss 200-franc note for years and his Histoire du Soldat (A Soldier’s Tale), written in collaboration with Igor Stravinksy in 1918, can easily be found on You Tube. But only recently have English translations of Ramuz’s novels begun to appear and until now, his only epic prose poem has not been available in English. Patti M. Marxsen’s translation of Ramuz’s Chant de Notre Rhône brings this unique work to Anglophone readers as Riversong of the Rhone in a well-crafted bilingual edition that is ideal for students as well as general readers of poetry. Part ode to nature, part assertion of human freedom, part celebration, and entirely pure delight in language made musical, Marxsen’s Riversong promises to be as enduring as the river and the landscape it describes.
Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies
Author: Brian Adams, Brooke Blades
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444311964
Pages: 312
Year: 2009-05-06
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Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies provides a detailed examination of the Paleolithic procurement and utilization of the most durable material in the worldwide archaeological record. The volume addresses sites ranging in age from some of the earliest hominin occupations in eastern and southern Africa to late Pleistocene and post-Pleistocene occupations in North American and Australia. The Early Paleolithic in India and the Near East, the Middle Paleolithic in Europe, and the Late Paleolithic in Europe and eastern Asia are also considered. The authors include established researchers who provide important synthetic statements updated with new information. Recent data are reported, often by younger scholars who are becoming respected members of the international research community. The authors represent research traditions from nine countries and therefore provide insight into the scholarly present as well as the Paleolithic past. Attempts are frequently made to relate lithic procurement and utilization to the organization of societies and even broader concerns of hominin behaviour. The volume re-evaluates existing interpretations in some instances by updating previous work of the authors and offers provocative new interpretations that at times call into question some basic assumptions of the Paleolithic. This book will be invaluable reading for advanced students and researchers in the fields of palaeolithic archaeology, geoarchaeology, and anthropology.
Year: 1972
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Out of the Night
Author: Jan Valtin
Publisher: AK Press
ISBN: 1902593863
Pages: 672
Year: 1941
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A gripping memior of political intrigue in Germany between the wars.
Author: Veronique Olmi
Publisher: Other Press (NY)
ISBN: 1590519779
Pages: 464
Year: 2019-04-16
View: 252
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Inspired by the true story of a former slave who became a saint, this poignant novel explores how a human being can survive the obliteration of her identity, and how kindness and generosity can be born out of profound trauma. She recalls little of her childhood, not even her own name. She was barely seven years old when she was snatched by slave raiders from her village in the Darfur region of southern Sudan. In a cruel twist, they gave her the name that she will carry for the rest of her life: Bakhita, "the Lucky One" in Arabic. Sold and resold along the slave trade routes, Bakhita endures years of unspeakable abuse and terror. At age thirteen, at last, her life takes a turn when the Italian consul in Khartoum purchases her. A few years later, as chaos engulfs the capital, the consul returns to Italy, taking Bakhita with him. In this new land, another long and arduous journey begins--one that leads her onto a spiritual path for which she is still revered today. With rich, evocative language, Véronique Olmi immerses the reader in Bakhita's world--her unfathomable resilience, her stubborn desire to live, and her ability to turn toward the pain of others in spite of the terrible sufferings that she too must endure.
Author: Romain Rolland
Pages: 127
Year: 1920
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Memoirs of the Year Two Thousand Five Hundred
Author: Louis-Sébastien Mercier
Year: 1772
View: 572
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The Goldberg Variations
Author: Nancy Huston
Publisher: McArthur & Company Pub Limited
ISBN: 1552787559
Pages: 219
Year: 2008
View: 201
Read: 967
Nancy Huston describes GOLDBERG VARIATIONS:"Suppose you invite thirty people to your home, people whom you love or have loved, to listen to you perform Bach's Goldberg Variations. And say that this concert unfolds like a midsummer night's dream, that is, you, Liliane, succeed in vibrating thirty people like so many variations, each at a different tune -- you must oscillate between memory and speculation; you must, above all, master your fears -- maybe then, all these fragments of music would dance into the same stream, and that you would call GOLDBERG VARIATIONS, a novel."
Beauty on Earth
Author: Charles Ferdinand Ramuz
Publisher: Onesuch Press
ISBN: 0987276077
Pages: 224
Year: 2013
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Through the door of a Swiss inn the reader steps into a painting. Two men talk to each other and before long the writer -someone like them, one of them- begins to address us. Thus commences the fugue that is Beauty on Earth,in which the coming of a beautiful orphan to her uncle's inn brings a gradual chaos upon his town. Swiss novelist Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz published La Beauté in 1927. This translation by Michelle Bailat-Jones is a gift for which English language readers have waited decades.
History of the Huguenot Emigration to America
Author: Charles Washington Baird
Year: 1885
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French Botany in the Enlightenment
Author: R.L. Williams
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401701873
Pages: 249
Year: 2013-06-29
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This volume completes a trilogy meant to be a commentary on the botanophilia that captured the literate public in 18th-century France. Enthusiastic public support for any governmental initiative likely to expand botanical knowledge was an expression of immense curiosity about the natural world beyond Europe. It amounted to a quest for universal knowledge that could benefit all mankind: useful knowledge that could improve the human condition in this life.
Simone de Beauvoir
Author: Robert D. Cottrell
Publisher: Frederick Ungar
Pages: 168
Year: 1975-05-01
View: 1121
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Relates the French writer's novels, four-volume autobiography, sociological studies, and other works to her life, the development of her thought, the history of existentialism, and the intellectual life of post-World War II France
Queenship in Medieval Europe
Author: Theresa Earenfight
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137303921
Pages: 368
Year: 2013-06-21
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Medieval queens led richly complex lives and were highly visible women active in a man's world. Linked to kings by marriage, family, and property, queens were vital to the institution of monarchy. In this comprehensive and accessible introduction to the study of queenship, Theresa Earenfight documents the lives and works of queens and empresses across Europe, Byzantium, and the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. The book: * introduces pivotal research and sources in queenship studies, and includes exciting and innovative new archival research * highlights four crucial moments across the full span of the Middle Ages – ca. 300, 700, 1100, and 1350 – when Christianity, education, lineage, and marriage law fundamentally altered the practice of queenship * examines theories and practices of queenship in the context of wider issues of gender, authority, and power. This is an invaluable and illuminating text for students, scholars and other readers interested in the role of royal women in medieval society.
Gastronomic Bibliography
Author: Katherine Golden Bitting
Publisher: Martino Pub
ISBN: 1888262389
Pages: 718
Year: 1939
View: 673
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Bitting's work is a comprehensive bibliography of some 6,000 works covering the 15th to the 20th centuries. There is detailed bibliographic information for each entry, with some annotations. Sheehy EHI 18.