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Mothers, Fathers & Lovers
Author: Ruby Soames
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 168299449X
Pages: 269
Year: 2016-06-03
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Wonder what it is like to date an actor who hits the big time? Resentment, jealousy and that's just from your best friends.
Two Green Otters
Author: Buket Uzuner
ISBN: 6051416013
Pages: 338
Year: 2013-01-01
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Sons and Lovers
Author: D. H. Lawrence
ISBN: 0939495139
Pages: 640
Year: 1997-06-01
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Sons and Lovers, by D. H. Lawrence, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras. Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes & Noble Classics: New introductions commissioned from today's top writers and scholars Biographies of the authors Chronologies of contemporary historical, biographical, and cultural events Footnotes and endnotes Selective discussions of imitations, parodies, poems, books, plays, paintings, operas, statuary, and films inspired by the work Comments by other famous authors Study questions to challenge the reader's viewpoints and expectations Bibliographies for further reading Indices & Glossaries, when appropriateAll editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications; some include illustrations of historical interest. Barnes & Noble Classics pulls together a constellation of influences-biographical, historical, and literary-to enrich each reader's understanding of these enduring works. Called the most widely-read English novel of the twentieth century, D. H. Lawrence's largely autobiographical Sons and Lovers tells the story of Paul Morel, a young artist growing into manhood in a British working-class community near the Nottingham coalfields. His mother Gertrude, unhappily married to Paul's hard-drinking father, devotes all her energies to her son. They develop a powerful and passionate relationship, but eventually tensions arise when Paul falls in love with a girl and seeks to escape his family ties. Torn between his desire for independence and hisabiding attachment to his loving but overbearing mother, Paul struggles to define himself sexually and emotionally through his relationships with two women-the innocent, old-fashioned Miriam Leivers, and the experienced, provocatively modern Clara Dawes. Heralding Lawrence's mature period, Sons and Lovers vividly evokes the all-consuming nature of possessive love and sexual attraction. Lushly descriptive and deeply emotional, it is rich in universal truths about human relationships. Victoria Blake is a freelance writer. She has worked at The Paris Review and contributed to the Boulder Daily Camera, small literary presses in the United States, and English-language publications in Bangkok, Thailand. She currently lives and works in San Diego, California.
Loving with a Vengeance
Author: Tania Modleski
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135870195
Pages: 170
Year: 2008-03-25
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Upon its first publication, Loving with a Vengeance was a groundbreaking study of women readers and their relationship to mass-market romance fiction. Feminist scholar and cultural critic Tania Modleski has revisited her widely read book, bringing to this new edition a review of the issues that have, in the intervening years, shaped and reshaped questions of women's reading. With her trademark acuity and understanding of the power both of the mass-produced object, film, television, or popular literature, and the complex workings of reading and reception, she offers here a framework for thinking about one of popular culture's central issues. This edition includes a new introduction, a new chapter, and changes throughout the existing text.
When You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends
Author: Victoria Secunda
Publisher: Delta
ISBN: 0307431304
Pages: 432
Year: 2009-11-04
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This, the first book ever to say that mother is not always a girl's best friend, is based on a landmark study of the mother-daughter relationships. Secunda offers breakthrough advice on understanding, and improving, what could be a woman's most critical relationship.
Daughter(S) with Absent Fathers
Author: Derwin Wince
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469118890
Pages: 75
Year: 2010-01-12
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Daughter(s) with Absent Fathers is a short book of letters a man on a train is regularly sending to his daughter he rediscovered. They reintroduced themselves after she became an adult. They met by accident. He was simply trying to stop a young man from yelling and pulling on his girlfriend out in public. The man had finished yanking her and her child out the car by the time he approached them. Papers fell out. Her purse fell out. Now the couple was looking at an interferer. That is, until they saw his eyes. It was then and there they came to realize it wasthat womans father. Suddenly this young man had the door opened for her and her child to get back in. Her eyes never left her fathers. Her body was helped back into the car. Next he had thrown her purse into her laps. Then he got in and they were gone. Embarrassment in the public caused this father to look down. Eighteen years had flashed by with repeats of horrors, screeches and pain since he last saw this sight. Except then it were she, he, her mother and her new boyfriend. Now this time around, on the ground, were envelopes. There lay an address that, for him, spelled change on the horizon. From those papers came one letter with his daughters name and address. He thought a contact. He thought to keep it a secret from her boyfriend. How does one keep secret letters from him, he thought. Thus you have in this book those letters. Letters of advice about dealing with relationships in this book called Daughter(s) with Absent Fathers.
Author: Robert Holden
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401941621
Pages: 219
Year: 2013
View: 1326
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Shares stories, conversations, meditations, and poetry meant to inspire a personal inquiry into the nature of love.
Reading Into Cultural Studies
Author: Martin Barker, Anne Beezer
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415063779
Pages: 200
Year: 1992
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"Reading Into Cultural Studies" revisits a selection of key texts central to the formation of cultural studies as a discipline and as a project. These texts address questions of power, ideology and the possibilities and limits of resistance. Each of the eleven essays in the collection renews an early study in one area of cultural investigation, bringing such seminal texts as "Subculture" by Dick Hebdige, "Loving With a Vengeance" by Tania Modleski and "Bond and Beyond" by Tony Bennett back to the centre of attention, However the essays are not purely celebratory. Each study is critically examined in a number of ways - for its research strategy, its implicit theories of power and ideology, for the empirical evidence it draws on and its conceptual framework. Together, the essays provide an introduction to some of the central debates and issues in cultural studies.
Mothers, Sons, and Lovers
Author: Michael Gurian
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0877739455
Pages: 297
Year: 1994
View: 515
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Analyzes the relationship between mothers and sons, argues that men must come to terms with this relationship before they can fully mature, and suggests a process for development
Twenty-first Century Motherhood
Author: Andrea O'Reilly
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231520476
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-09-23
View: 873
Read: 1309
A pioneer of modern motherhood studies, Andrea O'Reilly explores motherhood's current representation and practice, considering developments that were unimaginable decades ago: the Internet, interracial surrogacy, raising transchildren, male mothering, intensive mothering, queer parenting, the applications of new biotechnologies, and mothering in the post-9/11 era. Her work pulls together a range of disciplines and themes in motherhood studies. She confronts the effects of globalization, HIV/AIDS, welfare reform, politicians as mothers, third wave feminism, and the evolving motherhood movement, and she incorporates Chicana, African-American, Canadian, Muslim, queer, low-income, trans, and lesbian perspectives.
Creating Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare
Author: Gary Cameron, Marshall Fine, Sarah Maiter, Karen Frensch, Nancy Freymond
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442666277
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-12-31
View: 1112
Read: 532
The North American approach to child protection is broadly accepted, despite frequent criticisms of its core limitations: parental fear and resistance, the limited range of services and supports available to families, escalating costs, and high stress and turnover among service providers. Could these shortcomings be improved through organizational or system reform? Based on findings from a decade’s worth of research, Creating Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare provides original reflections on the everyday realities of families and front-line service providers involved with the system. It includes data from a variety of regions and situations, all linked together through a common investigatory framework. The contributors highlight areas of concern in current approaches to child and family welfare, but also propose new solutions that would make the system more welcoming and helpful both for families and for service providers.
18 Reasons Why Mothers Hate Their Babies
Author: Stephen Costello
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1608606872
Pages: 126
Year: 2009-08-01
View: 388
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This book is about babies and mothers, but also about fathers, adolescents, lovers and others. Dr. Costello explores, among other themes, eighteen reasons why mothers hate their babies, even as they love them. It's a book of aphorisms intended for everyone because childhood experiences affect us all. A lecturer in philosophy and psychology, Dr. Costello draws on a wealth of material; he shares the reflections of philosophers and psychoanalysts on a subject he clearly finds fascinating.
The Conservator ...
Year: 1912
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Toxic Parents
Author: Susan Forward
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0307575322
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-12-16
View: 795
Read: 479
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Dr. Susan Forward's Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them. When you were a child... Did your parents tell you were bad or worthless? Did your parents use physical pain to discipline you? Did you have to take care of your parents because of their problems? Were you frightened of your parents? Did your parents do anything to you that had to be kept secret? Now that you are an adult... Do your parents still treat you as if you were a child? Do you have intense emotional or physical reactions after spending time with your parents? Do your parents control you with threats or guilt? Do they manipulate you with money? Do you feel that no matter what you do, it's never good enough for your parents? In this remarkable self-help guide, Dr. Susan Forward drawn on case histories and the real-life voices of adult children of toxic parents to help you free yourself from the frustrating patterns of your relationship with your parents -- and discover an exciting new world of self-confidence, inner strength, and emotional independence.
Author: Veronica R Marshall
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1468537148
Pages: 64
Year: 2012-01-11
View: 1198
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This book is a continual reflection of my journey; evolving in constant rotation as Woman, Conscience, and Soul. Forgiveness with love but yet walking away, not forgetting but building a new foundation apart from what was learned. A ‘choice’ and ‘individual will’ is a gift given as a stepping stone to reinvent one’s self. Embracing and recognizing the rare uniqueness within. Still evolving...