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Centuries of childhood
Author: Philippe Aries
Pages: 414
Year: 1986
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Centuries of Childhood
Author: Philippe Ariès
Pages: 447
Year: 1965
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Centuries of childhood
Author: Philippe Ariès
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 447
Year: 1962
View: 587
Read: 207
The modern concept of family life is traced through the paintings and diaries of the last four centuries
Western Attitudes toward Death
Author: Philippe Ariès
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 142140057X
Pages: 128
Year: 2010-12-01
View: 878
Read: 1009
Reveals the change in Western man's conception and acceptance of death as evidenced in customs, literature, and art since medieval times.
Renaissance Characters
Author: Eugenio Garin
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226283569
Pages: 314
Year: 1997-05-09
View: 1307
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Compared to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance is brief—little more than two centuries, extending roughly from the mid-fourteenth century to the end of the sixteenth century—and largely confined to a few Italian city states. Nevertheless, the epoch marked a great cultural shift in sensibilities, the dawn of a new age in which classical Greek and Roman values were "reborn" and human values in all fields, from the arts to civic life, were reaffirmed. With this volume, Eugenio Garin, a leading Renaissance scholar, has gathered the work of an international team of scholars into an accessible account of the people who animated this decisive moment in the genesis of the modern mind. We are offered a broad spectrum of figures, major and minor, as they lived their lives: the prince and the military commander, the cardinal and the courtier, the artist and the philosopher, the merchant and the banker, the voyager, and women of all classes. With its concentration on the concrete, the specific, even the anecdotal, the volume offers a wealth of new perspectives and ideas for study.
Philippe Ariès
Author: Guillaume Gros
Publisher: Presses Univ. Septentrion
ISBN: 275740041X
Pages: 346
Year: 2008
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Philippe Ariès (1914-1984), l'auteur des classiques Histoire des populations françaises (1948), l'Enfant et la vie familiale sous l'Ancien Régime (1960 et 1973) et l'Homme devant la mort (1977) est une figure emblématique de la Nouvelle histoire aux côtés de G. Duby, J. Le Goff, E. Le Roy Ladurie ou M. Voyelle. Mais ce directeur d'études à l'EHESS fut pendant longtemps un solitaire, un historien franc-tireur, qui a bâti son œuvre en dehors de l'université, bref un " historien du dimanche ". Philippe Ariès, formé à l'école de l'Action française dans les années trente, épouse la plupart des combats du mouvement de Charles Maurras jusqu'à Pierre Boutang, puis se détache du militantisme tout en restant fidèle à sa culture traditionaliste. La biographie de ce pionnier de l'histoire des mentalités permet de comprendre la notoriété nationale et internationale de l'œuvre de Philippe Ariès dans des milieux aussi divers que ceux de la sociologie, de la psychologie, de l'éducation ou de la médecine. Elle livre enfin une explication sur la longue traversée du désert que connut Philippe Ariès et qui révoltait tant Michel Foucault.
Philippe Ariès and the Politics of French Cultural History
Author: Patrick H. Hutton
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 1558494634
Pages: 244
Year: 2004
View: 1108
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The author of Centuries of Childhood and other landmark historical works, Philippe Ariès (1914-1984) was a singular figure in French intellectual life. He was both a political reactionary and a path-breaking scholar, a sectarian royalist who supported the Vichy regime and a founder of the new cultural history--popularly known as l'histoire des mentalités--that developed in the decades following World War II. In this book, Patrick H. Hutton explores the relationship between Ariès's life and thought and evaluates his contribution to modern historiography, in France and abroad. According to Hutton, the originality of Ariès's work and the power of his appeal derived from the way he drew together the two strands of his own intellectual life: his enduring ties to the old cultural order valued by the right-wing Action Française, and a newfound appreciation for the methodology of the leftist Annales school of historians. A demographer by training, he pioneered a new route into the history of private life that eventually won him a wide readership and in late life an appointment to the faculty of the prestigious École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. At the same time, he fashioned himself as a man of letters in the intellectual tradition of the Action Française and became a perspicacious journalist as well as a stimulating writer of autobiographical memoirs. In Hutton's view, this helps explain why, more than any other historian, Philippe Ariès left his personal signature on his scholarship.
The Empire of the Cities
Author: Aurelio Espinosa
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004171363
Pages: 357
Year: 2009
View: 1060
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This study of the Spanish monarchy, bureaucracy and representative government under Charles V before and after the "comunero" revolt (1520-1521) demonstrates how the emperor and Castilian republics institutionalized management procedures that promoted accountability, advanced a meritocracy, and facilitated expansionism and domestic stability.
Medieval Children
Author: Nicholas Orme
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300097549
Pages: 387
Year: 2003-01-01
View: 1267
Read: 444
Looks at the lives of children, from birth to adolescence, in medieval England.
The History of Childhood
Author: Lloyd deMause
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated
ISBN: 1461631378
Pages: 462
Year: 1995-06-01
View: 618
Read: 254
from the Foreword: Possibly the heartless treatment of children, from the practice of infanticide and abandonment through to the neglect, the rigors of swaddling, the purposeful starving, the beatings, the solitary confinement, and so on, was and is only one aspect of the basic aggressiveness and cruelty of human nature, of the inbred disregard of the rights and feelings of others. Children, being physically unable to resist aggression, were the victims of forces over which they had no control, and they were abused in many imaginable and some almost unimaginable ways by way of expressing conscious or more commonly unconscious motives of their elders... The present volume abounds in evidence of all kinds, from all periods and peoples. The story is monotonously painful, but it is high time that it should be told and that it should be taken into account...
L'ENFENT ET LA VIE FAMILIALE sous l'ancien regime
Year: 1960
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Growing Up in Medieval London
Author: Barbara A. Hanawalt
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199879974
Pages: 320
Year: 1995-02-23
View: 172
Read: 821
When Barbara Hanawalt's acclaimed history The Ties That Bound first appeared, it was hailed for its unprecedented research and vivid re-creation of medieval life. David Levine, writing in The New York Times Book Review, called Hanawalt's book "as stimulating for the questions it asks as for the answers it provides" and he concluded that "one comes away from this stimulating book with the same sense of wonder that Thomas Hardy's Angel Clare felt [:] 'The impressionable peasant leads a larger, fuller, more dramatic life than the pachydermatous king.'" Now, in Growing Up in Medieval London, Hanawalt again reveals the larger, fuller, more dramatic life of the common people, in this instance, the lives of children in London. Bringing together a wealth of evidence drawn from court records, literary sources, and books of advice, Hanawalt weaves a rich tapestry of the life of London youth during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Much of what she finds is eye opening. She shows for instance that--contrary to the belief of some historians--medieval adults did recognize and pay close attention to the various stages of childhood and adolescence. For instance, manuals on childrearing, such as "Rhodes's Book of Nurture" or "Seager's School of Virtue," clearly reflect the value parents placed in laying the proper groundwork for a child's future. Likewise, wardship cases reveal that in fact London laws granted orphans greater protection than do our own courts. Hanawalt also breaks ground with her innovative narrative style. To bring medieval childhood to life, she creates composite profiles, based on the experiences of real children, which provide a more vivid portrait than otherwise possible of the trials and tribulations of medieval youths at work and at play. We discover through these portraits that the road to adulthood was fraught with danger. We meet Alison the Bastard Heiress, whose guardians married her off to their apprentice in order to gain control of her inheritance. We learn how Joan Rawlyns of Aldenham thwarted an attempt to sell her into prostitution. And we hear the unfortunate story of William Raynold and Thomas Appleford, two mercer's apprentices who found themselves forgotten by their senile master, and abused by his wife. These composite portraits, and many more, enrich our understanding of the many stages of life in the Middle Ages. Written by a leading historian of the Middle Ages, these pages evoke the color and drama of medieval life. Ranging from birth and baptism, to apprenticeship and adulthood, here is a myth-shattering, innovative work that illuminates the nature of childhood in the Middle Ages.
The Embarrassment of Riches
Author: Simon Schama
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520061470
Pages: 698
Year: 1988
View: 929
Read: 1093
Describes the cultural and social milieu of seventeenth-century Holland, where, despite great material wealth and general prosperity, an "anxiety of superabundance" permeated all aspects of the culture
Cent fiches de lecture
Author: Marc Montoussé
Publisher: Editions Bréal
ISBN: 2749507901
Pages: 477
Year: 2008
View: 1002
Read: 806
1oo fiches de lecture est l'ouvrage de référence qui permet d'accéder à la " substantifique moelle " des œuvres majeures en économie, sociologie, histoire et géographie économiques. Il s'adresse en priorité aux étudiants en classes préparatoires économiques et commerciales, en IEP et à l'université qui ne peuvent, faute de temps, lire tous les ouvrages utiles pour maîtriser le programme, ou veulent se les remettre en mémoire à l'approche des examens et concours. Ces fiches sont classées par thèmes et émaillées de nombreuses citations. Après avoir replacé les œuvres dans leur contexte, elles en restituent de façon structurée les idées essentielles, puis en précisent la portée. Étudiants, mais aussi passionnés et curieux pourront enfin disposer d'une synthèse des œuvres fondamentales.
Children and Childhood in Classical Athens
Author: Mark Golden
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421416875
Pages: 272
Year: 2015-05-21
View: 824
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