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Les Conversations D'Emilie
Author: Jeanne Kathryn Hageman
Pages: 418
Year: 1991
View: 880
Read: 649

Les Conversations d'Emilie
Author: Louise Tardieu d'Esclavelles Épinay, Humblot, Le Mire, Maison Saint-Stanislas
Pages: 470
Year: 1781
View: 1218
Read: 668

Les Conversations d'Emilie
Pages: 406
Year: 1796
View: 841
Read: 198

Les conversations d'Emilie ou entretiens instructifs et amusants d'une mère avec sa fille
Author: Louise-Florence-Pétronille Tardieu d'Esclavelles d' Epinay
Year: 1784
View: 1077
Read: 882

Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759522634
Pages: 496
Year: 2001-04-01
View: 637
Read: 547
Back from the Cold War, intelligence officer Keith Landry returns to his hometown of Spencerville, Ohio. Twenty-five years after their last encounter, Keith runs into his first love, Annie, now unhappily married to the town's chief of police--an abusive alcoholic. In his efforts to reclaim Annie, Keith will have to draw on all the skills of a violent lifetime.
The Panther
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 1455518379
Pages: 944
Year: 2012-10-16
View: 1009
Read: 1246
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "Bracing and spectacular." - Providence Sunday Journal Anti-Terrorist Task Force agent John Corey and his wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, have been posted overseas to Sana'a, Yemen-one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East. While there, they will be working with a small team to track down one of the masterminds behind the USS Cole bombing: a high-ranking Al Qaeda operative known as The Panther. Ruthless and elusive, he's wanted for multiple terrorist acts and murders-and the U.S. government is determined to bring him down, no matter the cost. As latecomers to a deadly game, John and Kate don't know the rules, the players, or the score. What they do know is that there is more to their assignment than meets the eye-and that the hunters are about to become the hunted. Filled with breathtaking plot turns and told in John Corey's inimitable voice, THE PANTHER raises disturbing questions about whether we can ever know who our enemies - or our allies - really are.
The Quest
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Center Street
ISBN: 1455549606
Pages: 464
Year: 2013-09-17
View: 707
Read: 801
AUTHOR'S NOTE: An earlier, shorter version of The Quest was published in paperback in 1975. In 2013, I rewrote The Quest and doubled its length, making it, I hope, a far better story than the original, without deviating from the elements that made the story so powerful and compelling when I first wrote it. In other words, what made The Quest worth rewriting remains, and whatever is changed is for the better. I was happy and excited to have this opportunity to rewrite and republish what I consider my first "big" novel, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first wrote it. BOOK DESCRIPTION: A sweeping adventure that's equal parts thriller and love story, Nelson DeMille's newest novel takes the reader from the war torn jungles of Ethiopia to the magical city of Rome. While the Ethiopian Civil War rages, a Catholic priest languishes in prison. Forty years have passed since he last saw daylight. His crime? Claiming to know the true location of Christ's cup from the Last Supper. Then the miraculous happens - a mortar strikes the prison and he is free! Old, frail, and injured, he escapes to the jungle, where he encounters two Western journalists and a beautiful freelance photographer taking refuge from the carnage. As they tend to his wounds, he relates his incredible story. Motivated by the sensational tale and their desire to find the location of the holiest of relics, the trio agrees to search for the Grail. Thus begins an impossible quest that will pit them against murderous tribes, deadly assassins, fanatical monks, and the passions of their own hearts. THE QUEST is suspenseful, romantic, and filled with heart-pounding action. Nelson DeMille is at the top of his game as he masterfully interprets one of history's greatest mysteries.
The Cuban Affair
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501101722
Pages: 448
Year: 2017-09-19
View: 588
Read: 703
Mac has left his life of danger and adventure behind him. But when Carlos, a hotshot lawyer heavily involved with anti-Castro groups, approaches Mac for a ten-day fishing tournament in Cuba - to be accompanied by a covert mission and a sizable paycheck - Mac's interest is piqued. Mac understands that if he accepts this job, he'll either walk away rich - or not at all.
Histoire D'Emilie Montague
Year: 1770
View: 1232
Read: 549

By the Rivers of Babylon
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759528322
Pages: 544
Year: 2003-06-01
View: 850
Read: 215
Lod Airport, Israel: Two Concorde jets take off for a U.N. conference that will finally bring peace to the Middle East. Covered by F-14 fighters, accompanied by security men, the planes carry warriors, pacifists, lovers, enemies, dignitaries -- and a bomb planted by a terrorist mastermind. Suddenly they're forced to crash-land at an ancient desert site. Here, with only a handful of weapons, the men and women of the peace mission must make a desperate stand against an army of crack Palestinian commandos -- while the Israeli authorities desperately attempt a rescue mission. In a land of blood and tears, in a windswept place called Babylon, it will be a battle of bullets and courage, and a war to the last death.
Author: Nelson DeMille, Thomas Block
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759525943
Pages: 480
Year: 2002-06-01
View: 1035
Read: 459
Twelve miles above the Pacific Ocean, a missile strikes a jumbo passenger jet. The flight crew is crippled or dead. Now, defying both nature and man, three survivors must achieve the impossible. Land the plane. From master storyteller Nelson DeMille and master pilot Thomas Block comes Maydaythe classic bestseller that packs a supersonic shock at every turn of the page....the most terrifyingly realistic air disaster thriller ever. Like a growing tidal wave, the escaping air was gathering momentum. A teenaged girl in aisle 18, seat D, near the port-side aisle, her seat dislocated by the original impact, suddenly found herself gripping her seat track on the floor, her overturned seat still strapped to her body. The seatbelt failed and the seat shot down the aisle. She lost her grip and was dragged after it. Her eyes were filled with horror as she dug her nails into the carpet, as the racing air pulled her toward the yawning hole that led outside. Her cries were unheard by even those passengers who sat barely inches away from her struggle. The noise of the escaping air was so loud that it was no longer decipherable as sound, but seemed instead a solid thing pounding at the people in their seats......
Pour l'amour d'Emilie
Author: Christine Bonenfant
Publisher: Montréal, Québec : L'Hexagone
Pages: 120
Year: 1989-01-01
View: 1263
Read: 438

The Lion's Game
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0446931381
Pages: 688
Year: 2000-09-01
View: 935
Read: 1002
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "A master at keeping the reader hanging on to see what happens next " - Associated Press "The Lion" will be landing. . . And at New York's JFK Airport, an elite American task force waits as the notorious Libyan terrorist prepares to defect to the West. Then, aboard Flight 175, something goes eerily, horribly wrong -- a mere prelude to the terror that is to come. Ex-NYPD cop, now Federal Task Force agent John Corey -- together with his formidable and beautiful new partner, Kate Mayfield -- will follow a trail of smoke and blood across the country. His quarry: a foe with the cunning of a lion and all the bloodlust of a man. To win a desperate game with no rules at all, Corey must invent a strategy that leaves no room for mistakes.
Night Fall
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Grand Central Pub
ISBN: 0446576638
Pages: 488
Year: 2004
View: 454
Read: 454
A fictionalized account of the investigation and theories surrounding the crash of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island in 1996.
I Wish Daddy Was Here
Author: Katherine DeMille
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1607998580
Pages: 24
Year: 2009-12-01
View: 201
Read: 238
The military life causes many families to endure extended separation when daddies get sent away. See how one little girl and her mother find strength through the seasons as they await the return of their loved one in the charming I Wish Daddy Was Here. This book catches the essence of military families. The honest feelings portrayed show incredible strength by being able to move through the seasons and survive a deployment. This is a powerful book for any child missing a parent. Annette Amos - Early Childhood Educator and Military Spouse. Kat DeMille, a full-time mom and wife, currently resides in Virginia.