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Jugements derniers
Author: Joseph Kessel
Pages: 286
Year: 2018-06-07
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Paris, août 1945 : le maréchal Pétain, ex-chef de l'État français, assiste, muré dans le silence, à son procès. Nuremberg, novembre 1945 : vingt et un dignitaires du IIIe Reich prennent place sur le banc des accusés. Jérusalem, avril 1961 : Adolf Eichmann répond devant un tribunal israélien de sa participation à la Solution finale. Envoyé spécial de France-Soir, Joseph Kessel met ici son talent exceptionnel d'homme de lettres au service d'un récit dramatique où la justice rencontre l'histoire.
The Man With The Miraculous Hands
Author: Joseph Kessel
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1786256975
Pages: 205
Year: 2015-11-06
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Felix Kersten, physician to the high-demon of the Third Reich, Heinrich Himmler could alleviate Himmler’s severe stomach pains with his hands using massage and manipulation. In return, Kersten bargained with Himmler to order the release of innocent prisoners condemned to die. It is an amazing story of the good-natured little fat man who looked like a “cross between a Flemish burgomaster and a Buddha of the West,” studied the higher curative powers of massage under a lama-doctor Ko, and applied them to Himmler whose excruciating stomach aches were only relieved by Kersten’s therapy. During the five years to come, Kersten attended Himmler but was an alien by birth and sympathies among his entourage, with the one exception of Himmler’s private secretary who collaborated with him in drawing up the lists of doomed men—Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, concentration camp victims of all nationalities. At the close, Kersten was jockeying with Himmler (and when persuasion failed, withholding treatment) to try and secure mass scale liberation of victims first through Sweden, then Switzerland.... Kersten is fascinating to follow-through his circumspect, ambivalent career—even though there may be points in question at its close.—KIRKUS Review
Concentrationary Memories
Author: Griselda Pollock, Max Silverman
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 178672443X
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-08-25
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In 1945, French political prisoners returning from the concentration camps of Germany coined the phrase ‘the concentrationary universe’ to describe the camps as a terrible political experiment in the destruction of the human. This book shows how the unacknowledged legacy of a totalitarian mentality has seeped into the deepest recesses of everyday popular culture. It asks if the concentrationary now infests our cultural imaginary, normalizing what was once considered horrific and exceptional by transforming into entertainment violations of human life.
Les Mois, Poëme, en Douze Chants
Author: Jean-Antoine Roucher
Publisher: Theclassics.Us
ISBN: 1230451897
Pages: 42
Year: 2013-09
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Ce livre historique peut contenir de nombreuses coquilles et du texte manquant. Les acheteurs peuvent generalement telecharger une copie gratuite scannee du livre original (sans les coquilles) aupres de l'editeur. Non reference. Non illustre. 1779 edition. Extrait: ...lui dicle fes opinions, Se jufqu'aux mors dont il doit fe fetvir. L'Homme, dans cet etat, reifembleaun enfant timide, qui n'ofe faire un pas fans les litieres qui le Contiennent. 1l penfe, il fent, il refpire dans un autre; il cft d'autant plus fier qu'il cft plus aflirvi. MAIS il e(t rems de detailler quels avantages peut Bous procurer l'etude des Poetes Orientaux. Horace exige deux qualites dans un grand Pcete, un geute divin pour enfanter de fublimes conceprions; 3c pour les rendre, un langage non moins fublime: MENS DIVINIOR AtQOE OS MAGNA SONAtURUM. Ol Ces deux qualites brillent eminemment dans les Poefies Hebraiques; c'eft-la qu'on trouve de ces tableaux capables d'etonner l'imagination meme d'un autre Homere. Les Tribus caprives gemiflent a Babylone EziChfEl veut les confoler par l'efperance d'urt prochain retour dans leur Patrie. Comment s'y piend'il pour leur montrer cet avenir flatteur! II fe prefente a elles & dit: L'Eternel m'a tranfporte dans une vafte campagne couverte d'oflfemens. Il m'a commande de leur parler, j'obeis;?c voili qu'a l'inftant, tout ces os s'agitent a grand bruit; ils fe rapprochent l'un de l'autre; ils fe lient par des nerfs & fe couvrent de chair & de peau. L'Eternel m'ordonne encore d'ajppeller fur eux les vents des quatre coins del'Univerf. A ma voix, les vents accourent, les morts revivent, 8: une armee itBmenfe fedrefle fur fes pics..He bien, fils d ISRAEl 1 vous etes ces oflemens defleches; vos tombeaux vont s'ouvrir & vous aile? revivre Y a-t-il...
The Crew
Author: Joseph Kessel
Publisher: Pushkin Collection
ISBN: 1782271856
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-08-16
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The crew of a French reconnaissance plane during WW1 consisted of just two men: a pilot and an observer. Two such men are Jean Herbillon and Claude Maury. Herbillon's dreams of glory as an air ace have been dashed after only a few months at the front; Maury suffers from a broken heart--his only hope is that his exploits as a pilot will win back his lost love. Together the two form one of the best crews in the air, fighting in the first aerial conflict in history--one in which a combatant can count his life expectancy in weeks. The pressure of war forges a strong bond between the two flyers, but can it survive the discovery that they are both in love with the same woman? Joseph Kessel's autobiographical novel is a staggering tale of courage, brotherhood and loss. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
Author: Caroline Fournet
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782250697
Pages: 168
Year: 2013-01-31
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This book explores the ambiguities of the French law of genocide by exposing the inexplicable dichotomy between a progressive theory and an overly conservative practice. Based on the observation that the crime of genocide has remained absent from French courtrooms to the benefit of crimes against humanity, this research dissects the reasons for this absence, reviewing and analysing the potential legal obstacles to the judicial use of the law of genocide before contemplating the definitional impact of this judicial reluctance and the consequent confusion between the two crimes. Whilst it uses the French law of genocide and related case law on crimes against humanity as its focal points, the book further adopts a more general standpoint, suggesting that the French misunderstandings of the crime of genocide might ultimately be symptomatic of a more widespread misconception of the crime of genocide as a crime perpetrated against 'a group'.
Hannah Goslar Remembers
Author: Alison Leslie Gold
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
ISBN: 0747592241
Pages: 135
Year: 2007
View: 869
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A true story documenting the life of one of Anne Frank's friends in Amsterdam during World War II, this incredible book is a moving testimony to a girl who survived a terrible ordeal and another who did not.
Army of shadows
Author: Joseph Kessel
Pages: 159
Year: 1944
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International Court Authority
Author: Mikael Rask Madsen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192515047
Pages: 450
Year: 2018-06-28
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An innovative, interdisciplinary and far-reaching examination of the actual reality of international courts, International Court Authority challenges fundamental preconceptions about when, why, and how international courts become important and authoritative actors in national, regional, and international politics. A stellar group of scholars investigate the challenges that international courts face in transforming the formal legal authority conferred by states into an actual authority in fact that is respected by potential litigants, national actors, legal communities, and publics. Alter, Helfer, and Madsen provide a novel framework for conceptualizing international court authority that focuses on the reactions and practices of these key audiences. Eighteen scholars from the disciplines of law, political science and sociology apply this framework to study thirteen international courts operating in Africa, Latin America, and Europe, as well as on a global level. Together the contributors document and explore important and interesting variations in whether the audiences that interact with international courts around the world embrace or reject the rulings of these judicial institutions. Alter, Helfer, and Madsen's authority framework recognizes that international judges can and often do everything they 'should' do to ensure that their rulings possess the gravitas and stature that national courts enjoy. Yet even when imbued with these characteristics, the parties to the dispute, potential future litigants, and the broader set of actors that monitor and respond to the court's activities may fail to acknowledge the rulings as binding or take meaningful steps to modify their behaviour in response to them. For both specific judicial institutions, and more generally, the book documents and explains why most international courts possess de facto authority that is partial, variable, and highly dependent on a range of different audiences and contexts - and thus is highly fragile. An introduction situates the book's unique approach to conceptualizing international court authority within theoretical debates about the authority of global institutions. International Court Authority also includes critical reflections on the authority framework from legal theorists, international relations scholars, a philosopher, and an anthropologist. The book's conclusion questions a number of widely shared assumptions about how social and political contexts facilitate or undermine international courts in developing de facto authority and political power.
The Drama of the European Jews
Author: Paul Rassinier
ISBN: 0918184010
Pages: 127
Year: 1976
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Revisiting the Jewish Question
Author: Elisabeth Roudinesco
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745683746
Pages: 280
Year: 2014-03-10
View: 608
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What does it mean to be Jewish? What is an anti-Semite? Why does the enigmatic identity of the men who founded the first monotheistic religion arouse such passions? We need to return to the Jewish question. We need, first, to distinguish between the anti-Judaism of medieval times, which persecuted the Jews, and the anti-Judaism of the Enlightenment, which emancipated them while being critical of their religion. It is a mistake to confuse the two and see everyone from Voltaire to Hitler as anti-Semitic in the same way. Then we need to focus on the development of anti-Semitism in Europe, especially Vienna and Paris, where the Zionist idea was born. Finally, we need to investigate the reception of Zionism both in the Arab countries and within the Diaspora. Re-examining the Jewish question in the light of these distinctions and investigations, Roudinesco shows that there is a permanent tension between the figures of the ‘universal Jew’ and the ‘territorial Jew’. Freud and Jung split partly over this issue, which gained added intensity after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and the Eichmann trial in 1961. Finally, Roudinesco turns to the Holocaust deniers, who started to suggest that the Jews had invented the genocide that befell their people, and to the increasing number of intellectual and literary figures who have been accused of anti-Semitism. This thorough re-examination of the Jewish question will be of interest to students and scholars of modern history and contemporary thought and to a wide readership interested in anti-Semitism and the history of the Jews.
Author: Joelle Charbonneau
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 054463652X
Pages: 330
Year: 2015-11-03
View: 715
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“No one gets something for nothing. We all should know better.” Teenagers at Wisconsin’s Nottawa High School are drawn deeper into a social networking site that promises to grant their every need . . . regardless of the consequences. Soon the site turns sinister, with simple pranks escalating to malicious crimes. The body count rises. In this chilling YA thriller, the author of the best-selling Testing trilogy examines not only the dark side of social media, but the dark side of human nature.
Castle to Castle
Author: Louis C?line, Ralph Manheim
Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
ISBN: 156478150X
Pages: 359
Year: 1997
View: 1094
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It is Germany near the end of World War II, the Allies have landed, and members of the Vichy France government have been sequestered in a labyrinthine castle, replete with secret passages and subterranean hideaways. The group of 1,400 terrified officials, their wives, mistresses, flunkies, and Nazi “protectors”—including Céline, his wife, their cat, and an actor friend—attempt to postpone the postwar reckoning under the constant threat of air raids and starvation.
Vichy France
Author: Robert O. Paxton
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0804154104
Pages: 399
Year: 2015-02-18
View: 201
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Uncompromising, often startling, meticulously documented—this book is an account of the government, and the governed, of colaborationist France. Basing his work on captured German archives and contemporary materials rather than on self-serving postwar memoirs or war-trial testimony, Professor Paxton maps out the complex nature of the ill-famed Vichy government, showing that it in fact enjoyed mass participation. The majority of the Frenchmen in 1940 feared social disorder as the worse imaginable evil and rallied to support the State, thereby bringing about the betrayal of the Nation as a whole.
To Lose a Battle
Author: Alistair Horne
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141937726
Pages: 736
Year: 2007-06-28
View: 1307
Read: 662
In 1940, the German army fought and won an extraordinary battle with France in six weeks of lightning warfare. With the subtlety and compulsion of a novel, Horne’s narrative shifts from minor battlefield incidents to high military and political decisions, stepping far beyond the confines of military history to form a major contribution to our understanding of the crises of the Franco-German rivalry. To Lose a Battle is the third part of the trilogy beginning with The Fall of Paris and continuing with The Price of Glory (already available in Penguin).