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La péninsule arabique
Author: Frank Tétart
Publisher: Armand Colin
ISBN: 2200620543
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-09-27
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Arabie saoudite, Émirats arabes unis, Koweït, Oman, Qatar, Yémen : la péninsule Arabique a toujours constitué un lieu de passage entre Europe, Afrique et Asie. Berceau de l’islam, dont elle abrite les villes saintes de La Mecque et Médine, son espace s’est construit au gré des intérêts géopolitiques, si bien qu’il est à présent au coeur de la mondialisation des échanges. Espace convoité, son attractivité économique et stratégique a fait émerger de nombreuses tensions entre les États de la zone et a exacerbé les fractures existantes aux niveaux religieux (chiites/sunnites), ethnique (Perses/Arabes) et politique (Iran/Arabie saoudite). Parallèlement la péninsule, confrontée au défi de la fin de la rente pétrolière, doit entreprendre une diversification rapide de son économie. Pour saisir les spécificités de cet espace-clé, cet ouvrage propose une géographie complète à la fois géohistorique, géoéconomique et géopolitique de ce qui constitue aujourd’hui le véritable coeur du Moyen-Orient. Avec un atlas en couleur réalisé en partenariat avec la revue Moyen-Orient.
Echos d'Orient
Year: 1906
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Histoire générale du IVe siècle à nos jours
Author: Alfred Rambaud
Year: 1898
View: 284
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Histoire générale du IVe siècle à nos jours
Author: Ernest Lavisse
Pages: 1024
Year: 1898
View: 1309
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La Question d'Orient depuis ses origines jusqu'à nos jours ... Préface de M. Gabriel Monod
Author: J. Édouard DRIAULT, Gabriel Jacques Jean MONOD
Pages: 407
Year: 1898
View: 481
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Histoire de la guerre d'orient, 1
Author: A. H. Dufour
Pages: 292
Year: 1852
View: 510
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Les Turcs et les Russes : histoire de la guerre d'Orient
Author: Hippolyte Dumas de Lamarche
Pages: 68
Year: 1855
View: 536
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La question d'Orient depuis ses origines jusqu'à nos jours
Author: Edouard Driault
Pages: 407
Year: 1900
View: 564
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Revue bleue
Year: 1879
View: 257
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Jerusalem 1900
Author: Vincent Lemire
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022618837X
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-04-21
View: 978
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Perhaps the most contested patch of earth in the world, Jerusalem’s Old City experiences consistent violent unrest between Israeli and Palestinian residents, with seemingly no end in sight. Today, Jerusalem’s endless cycle of riots and arrests appears intractable—even unavoidable—and it looks unlikely that harmony will ever be achieved in the city. But with Jerusalem 1900, historian Vincent Lemire shows us that it wasn’t always that way, undoing the familiar notion of Jerusalem as a lost cause and revealing a unique moment in history when a more peaceful future seemed possible. In this masterly history, Lemire uses newly opened archives to explore how Jerusalem’s elite residents of differing faiths cooperated through an intercommunity municipal council they created in the mid-1860s to administer the affairs of all inhabitants and improve their shared city. These residents embraced a spirit of modern urbanism and cultivated a civic identity that transcended religion and reflected the relatively secular and cosmopolitan way of life of Jerusalem at the time. These few years would turn out to be a tipping point in the city’s history—a pivotal moment when the horizon of possibility was still open, before the council broke up in 1934, under British rule, into separate Jewish and Arab factions. Uncovering this often overlooked diplomatic period, Lemire reveals that the struggle over Jerusalem was not historically inevitable—and therefore is not necessarily intractable. Jerusalem 1900 sheds light on how the Holy City once functioned peacefully and illustrates how it might one day do so again.
Comprendre les génocides du XXe siècle
Author: Barbara Lefebvre, Sophie Ferhadjian
Publisher: Bréal
ISBN: 2749507227
Pages: 319
Year: 2007
View: 921
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A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations
Author: Abdelwahab Meddeb, Benjamin Stora
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400849136
Pages: 1152
Year: 2013-11-27
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This is the first encyclopedic guide to the history of relations between Jews and Muslims around the world from the birth of Islam to today. Richly illustrated and beautifully produced, the book features more than 150 authoritative and accessible articles by an international team of leading experts in history, politics, literature, anthropology, and philosophy. Organized thematically and chronologically, this indispensable reference provides critical facts and balanced context for greater historical understanding and a more informed dialogue between Jews and Muslims. Part I covers the medieval period; Part II, the early modern period through the nineteenth century, in the Ottoman Empire, Africa, Asia, and Europe; Part III, the twentieth century, including the exile of Jews from the Muslim world, Jews and Muslims in Israel, and Jewish-Muslim politics; and Part IV, intersections between Jewish and Muslim origins, philosophy, scholarship, art, ritual, and beliefs. The main articles address major topics such as the Jews of Arabia at the origin of Islam; special profiles cover important individuals and places; and excerpts from primary sources provide contemporary views on historical events. Contributors include Mark R. Cohen, Alain Dieckhoff, Michael Laskier, Vera Moreen, Gordon D. Newby, Marina Rustow, Daniel Schroeter, Kirsten Schulze, Mark Tessler, John Tolan, Gilles Veinstein, and many more. Covers the history of relations between Jews and Muslims around the world from the birth of Islam to today Written by an international team of leading scholars Features in-depth articles on social, political, and cultural history Includes profiles of important people (Eliyahu Capsali, Joseph Nasi, Mohammed V, Martin Buber, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, Edward Said, Messali Hadj, Mahmoud Darwish) and places (Jerusalem, Alexandria, Baghdad) Presents passages from essential documents of each historical period, such as the Cairo Geniza, Al-Sira, and Judeo-Persian illuminated manuscripts Richly illustrated with more than 250 images, including maps and color photographs Includes extensive cross-references, bibliographies, and an index
Histoire générale du IVe siècle à nos jours: Les monarchies constitutionelles, 1815-1847
Author: Ernest Lavisse, Alfred Rambaud
Year: 1909
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The Routledge Handbook of the History of the Middle East Mandates
Author: Cyrus Schayegh, Andrew Arsan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317497066
Pages: 440
Year: 2015-06-05
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The Routledge Handbook of the History of the Middle East Mandates provides an overview of the social, political, economic, and cultural histories of the Middle East in the decades between the end of the First World War and the late 1940s, when Britain and France abandoned their Mandates. It also situates the history of the Mandates in their wider imperial, international and global contexts, incorporating them into broader narratives of the interwar decades. In 27 thematically organised chapters, the volume looks at various aspects of the Mandates such as: The impact of the First World War and the development of a new state system The impact of the League of Nations and international governance Differing historical perspectives on the impact of the Mandates system Techniques and practices of government The political, social, economic and cultural experiences of the people living in and connected to the Mandates. This book provides the reader with a guide to both the history of the Middle East Mandates and their complex relation with the broader structures of imperial and international life. It will be a valuable resource for all scholars of this period of Middle Eastern and world history.
Revue politique et littéraire
Year: 1879
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