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The Reception of Charles Dickens in Europe
Author: Michael Hollington
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1623560357
Pages: 608
Year: 2013-08-29
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The Reception of Charles Dickens in Europe offers a full historical survey of Dickens's reception in all the major European countries and many of the smaller ones, filling a major gap in Dickens scholarship, which has by and large neglected Dickens's fortunes in Europe, and his impact on major European authors and movements. Essays by leading international critics and translators give full attention to cultural changes and fashions, such as the decline of Dickens's fortunes at the end of the nineteenth century in the period of Naturalism and Aestheticism, and the subsequent upswing in the period of Modernism, in part as a consequence of the rise of film in the era of Chaplin and Eisenstein. It will also offer accounts of Dickens's reception in periods of political upheaval and revolution such as during the communist era in Eastern Europe or under fascism in Germany and Italy in particular.
Across the Great Divide
Author: Abraham Coralnik
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595346235
Pages: 532
Year: 2005-04
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"The publication of translated essays by Dr. Abraham Coralnik is an important step in enlarging our understanding of the cultural milieu of the early twentieth century in which Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe become Americanized."-Professor Eli Katz, University of California, BerkeleyIn 1937, when the essayist Abraham Coralnik died of a heart attack, Yiddish speakers in the United States lost one of their most articulate guides. As a columnist for the New York newspaper Der Tog (The Day) during the 1920s and 1930s, Coralnik moved effortlessly from discussions of Zionist politics to analyses of Marx and Plato to travelogues through the American heartland. As Europe exploded in anti-Semitism, and American Jewish life continued its spectacular transformation into the land of promise and confusion, Coralnik provided both insight and context for an immigrant community desperate to understand the changes taking place around it.Today, Coralnik's essays can be enjoyed not just for their perspective on two crucial decades of Jewish history, but for their timeless wisdom about culture, spirituality, philosophy and history.In Volume Two of Across the Great Divide, Coralnik illuminates the strange, sad life of the Yiddish language; the inner conflicts of writers from Montaigne to Thomas Mann; the way secular revolutionaries like Karl Marx channeled prophetic ideals; and the moral ideas animating American presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson.About the Translator: Beatrice Coralnik Papo, the eldest daughter of Abraham Coralnik, was born in Berlin in 1913. Educated in Germany, Russia and France, she came to the U.S. in her early 20s. A social worker by profession, Mrs. Papo is a lifelong student of literature, and has spent the last two decades translating her father's essays. She lives in San Jose, California.
The Nation
Year: 1912
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Danish Literature as World Literature
Author: Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Dan Ringgaard
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1501310011
Pages: 296
Year: 2017-02-09
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Investigates the influence of Danish literature on world literature, from Hans Christian Andersen to modern Scandinavian crime fiction.
Dictionary Catalog of the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library, 1911-1971
Author: New York Public Library. Research Libraries
Year: 1979
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Georg Brandes und Arthur Schnitzler
Pages: 240
Year: 1956
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Subject Index of Modern Books Acquired
Author: British Library
Year: 1965
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Nietzsche in the Early Work of Thomas Mann
Author: Roger Archibald Nicholls
Pages: 119
Year: 1955
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Collier's Encyclopedia
Author: William Darrach Halsey
Year: 1983
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The Catholic Encyclopedia
Author: Edward Aloysius Pace
Year: 1951
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Jewish Renaissance
Year: 2006
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European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche
Author: Frank M. Turner
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300212917
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-02-12
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One of the most distinguished cultural and intellectual historians of our time, Frank Turner taught a landmark Yale University lecture course on European intellectual history that drew scores of students over many years. His lectures—lucid, accessible, beautifully written, and delivered with a notable lack of jargon—distilled modern European history from the Enlightenment to the dawn of the twentieth century and conveyed the turbulence of a rapidly changing era in European history through its ideas and leading figures. Richard A. Lofthouse, one of Turner’s former students, has now edited the lectures into a single volume that outlines the thoughts of a great historian on the forging of modern European ideas. Moreover, it offers a fine example of how intellectual history should be taught: rooted firmly in historical and biographical evidence.
The Routledge Companion to World Literature
Author: Theo D'haen, David Damrosch, Djelal Kadir
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113665576X
Pages: 544
Year: 2011-09-14
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In the age of globalization, the category of "World Literature" is increasingly important to academic teaching and research. The Routledge Companion to World Literature offers a comprehensive pathway into this burgeoning and popular field. Separated into four key sections, the volume covers: the history of World Literature through significant writers and theorists from Goethe to Said, Casanova and Moretti the disciplinary relationship of World Literature to areas such as philology, translation, globalization and diaspora studies theoretical issues in World Literature including gender, politics and ethics a global perspective on the politics of World Literature. The forty-eight outstanding contributors to this companion offer an ideal introduction to those approaching the field for the first time, or looking to further their knowledge of this extensive field.
The National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints
Year: 1970
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