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Falling for Love
Author: Addison M. Conley
ISBN: 1943353972
Pages: 334
Year: 2017-11-15
View: 662
Read: 893
Jordan SimOn returned home to West Virginia five years ago and opened her restaurant. She seems to have it all...except a life. On the verge of her fortieth birthday, she doesn't know which will devour her first--the regret and emptiness of living a lie about her sexuality or the agony of past transgressions. As she struggles internally, she meets Emmy. Desire builds with each encounter, but another painful secret from the past is eating away at Jordan. Emmy Russo is visiting her Aunt before moving to Washington DC. Confident and bold, she's always been an achiever. After losing her wife six years ago, no one has piqued her interest until she meets Jordan. Yet being in a closeted relationship is the last thing she wants. Can Jordan find the strength to face her conservative neighbors and family members and overcome the secret from her past? Will they be able to live in an open and loving relationship, or will the country's politics set them back? Falling for Love is not just a romance, it's about family, friends, and forgiveness.
A Winter's Romance
Author: Patricia Paris, Sara Daniell, D.M. Kilgore, J.S. Bailey, Drea Damara, Elise Manion, Emmie Mears
Publisher: BHC Press
ISBN: 1946006300
Pages: 324
Year: 2016-12-01
View: 1310
Read: 344
When winter and romance collide, they create an unpredictable force. Whether a raging storm outside or within our hearts, a touch of romance can be found in the most unlikely of places. Join us in this eclectic exploration of winter romance that includes stories of happily ever afters, wicked seductions, atmospheric attractions, and deadly deceptions. Featuring nineteen short stories from bestselling authors as well as talented new writers, you’ll never view romance the same.
Frozen: A Winter Romance Anthology
Author: Rhonda Brutt, Charmaine Pauls, Nancy Pennick, Nicole Angeleen, Marilyn Gardiner, April Marcom, Elena Kane, Tara Fox Hall
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1680465872
Year: 2017-10-19
View: 631
Read: 1139
11 stories of love, relationships, and romance, including The Ice Hotel Wedding Test, Lord of Ice, Frozen Moments, Frozen In Time, Frozen with Possibilities, Frozen Heart Thawing, Frozen Dreams, Her Frozen Heart, The Thawing of Holly's Heart.
A Winter Scandal
Author: Candace Camp
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451639503
Pages: 431
Year: 2011-10-25
View: 915
Read: 940
When Thea Bainbridge finds an abandoned baby accompanied by a broach bearing Lord Morecombe's insignia, she agrees to help Morecombe find the child's mother and soon finds it difficult to resist him as scandal swirls around them.
A Winter Love Story
Author: Betty Neels
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460321545
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-11-01
View: 619
Read: 956
CHRISTMAS DELIGHTS… Claudia first met Thomas when he was asked to discuss the health of her great-uncle, Colonel Ramsay. After the colonel's death, Thomas always seemed to be around—and then, astonishingly, he proposed. It took a wonderfully delightful Christmas with his family for Claudia to realize that she truly loved her new husband. Now all she had to do was find a way to persuade Thomas to love her….
Author: Marissa Meyer
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312642989
Pages: 832
Year: 2015-11-10
View: 1154
Read: 191
The much-awaited series finale in the New York Times bestselling series that began with 'Cinder'. This is not the fairy tale you remember - but it's one you won't forget
One Day in December
Author: Josie Silver
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241982138
Pages: 432
Year: 2018-08-23
View: 1325
Read: 1189
'THE SWEETEST LOVE STORY...YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT!' MARIAN KEYES Prepare to be swept away by the love story that everyone's talking about this Autumn... Laurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist. After all, life isn't a scene from the movies, is it? But then, through a misted-up bus window one snowy December day, she sees a man she knows instantly is the one. Their eyes meet, there's a moment of pure magic...and then her bus drives away. Laurie thinks she'll never see the boy from the bus again. But at their Christmas party a year later, her best friend Sarah introduces her to the new love of her life. Who is, of course, the boy from the bus. Determined to let him go, Laurie gets on with her life. But what if fate has other plans? Following Laurie, Sarah and Jack through ten years of love, heartbreak and friendship, ONE DAY IN DECEMBER is an uplifting, heart-warming and immensely moving love story that you'll want to escape into forever, for fans of Jojo Moyes, Lucy Diamond and Nicholas Sparks. 'Sucked me in and didn't let go. It made me laugh, cry, ache and shout at the characters. Utterly captivating...one of my favourite books' Holly Martin 'The number one feel-good read of 2018' Dinah Jefferies 'The novelistic equivalent to Love Actually' The Bookseller 'The love story you've been waiting for ... I loved it!' Miranda Dickinson 'A feel-good, heart-wrenching tribute to the female friends we cannot do without, as well as the men that we fall for. Josie Silver is one to watch.' Stephanie Butland WHAT REAL READERS ARE SAYING ***** 'Devastatingly good' Johnny, Netgalley ***** 'I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book' Vicki, Netgalley ***** 'Wow! What a book!' Jen, Netgalley ***** 'This kept me turning pages long into the night. I'd highly recommend it' Christine, Netgalley ***** 'I can't wait to reread it over and over' Nikita, Netgalley ***** 'Beautifully written' Helen, Netgalley ***** 'I just didn't want this book to end ... I shall be singing its praises from the rooftops' Cassie, Netgalley ***** 'The perfect book to read this winter' Rebecca, Netgalley ***** 'I really loved this little gem of a book. I'd recommend it to all' L.J, Netgalley ***** 'I devoured this book' Amanda, Netgalley ***** 'I absolutely loved this book!' Jess, Netgalley
Using My Muse
Author: Loyd C. Taylor
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1453557326
Year: 2010-11-11
View: 797
Read: 216

Christmas at Mistletoe Cove
Author: Holly Martin
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786812851
Pages: 268
Year: 2017-09-22
View: 520
Read: 357

Snow Falling
Author: Jane Gloriana Villanueva
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1507206631
Pages: 240
Year: 2017-11-14
View: 653
Read: 650
It’s been a lifetime (and three seasons) in the making, but Jane Gloriana Villanueva is finally ready to make her much-anticipated literary debut! Jane the Virgin, the Golden Globe, AFI, and Peabody Award–winning The CW dramedy, has followed Jane’s telenovela-esque life—from her accidental artificial insemination and virgin birth to the infant kidnapping and murderous games of the villainous Sin Rostro to an enthralling who-will-she-choose love triangle. With these tumultuous events as inspiration, Jane’s breathtaking first novel adapts her story for a truly epic romance that captures the hope and the heartbreak that have made the television drama so beloved. Snow Falling is a sweeping historical romance set in 1902 Miami—a time of railroad tycoons, hotel booms, and exciting expansion for the Magic City. Working at the lavish Regal Sol hotel and newly engaged to Pinkerton Detective Martin Cadden, Josephine Galena Valencia has big dreams for her future. Then, a figure from her past reemerges to change her life forever: the hotel’s dapper owner, railroad tycoon Rake Solvino. The captivating robber baron sets her heart aflame once more, leading to a champagne-fueled night together. But when their indiscretion results in an unexpected complication, Josephine struggles to decide whether her heart truly belongs with heroic Martin or dashing Rake. Meanwhile, in an effort to capture an elusive crime lord terrorizing the city, Detective Cadden scours the back alleys of the Magic City, tracking the nefarious villain to the Regal Sol and discovering a surprising connection to the Solvino family. However, just when it looks like Josephine’s true heart’s desire is clear, danger strikes. Will her dreams for the future dissolve like so much falling snow or might Josephine finally get the happy ever after she’s been dreaming of for so long?
A Winter's Love
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504041577
Pages: 260
Year: 2017-05-02
View: 378
Read: 966
A lonely woman is torn between the bonds of family and the potential of new love in this moving novel from the author of A Wrinkle in Time. Caught somewhere between love, hate, and indifference, Emily Bowen’s marriage is hanging on by a thread. After being let go from his job, her husband pulled away from her, and the distance continues to grow during their family’s sabbatical in Switzerland. With their relationship as cold as the wind baying outside, Emily finds unexpected warmth in a man from her past. As she contemplates seizing the connection she’s been craving, Emily must decide if she’s willing to sacrifice the life she’s built for an unseen future. Poignant and powerful, this is a timeless tale of the turmoil that comes with falling in—and out—of love, and “a convincing story of mixed loyalties and divided affections” (Kirkus Reviews). This ebook features an illustrated biography of Madeleine L’Engle including rare images from the author’s estate.
How to Fall In Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush
Author: Emmy Abrahamson
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062678043
Pages: 256
Year: 2018-03-20
View: 524
Read: 1049
For readers of quirky Scandinavian fiction comes this charming and witty debut novel by Emmy Abrahamson—perfect for fans of Jonas Jonasson. Love stinks. Or maybe it just needs a shower . . . Vienna: famous for Mozart, waltzes, and pastry; less famous for Julia, a Swedish transplant who spends her days teaching English to unemployed Austrians and her evenings watching Netflix with her cat or club hopping with a frenemy. An aspiring novelist, Julia’s full of ideas for future bestsellers: A writer moves his family to a deserted hotel in the dead of winter and spirals into madness! A homely governess loves a brooding man whose crazy wife is locked up in the attic! Fine, so they’ve been done. Doesn’t mean Julia won’t find something original. Then something original finds Julia—sits down next to her on a bench, as a matter of fact. Ben is handsome (under all that beard) and adventurous (leaps from small bridges in a single bound). He’s also sexy as hell and planning to shuffle off to Berlin before things can get too serious. Oh, and Ben lives in a public park. Thus begins a truth stranger than any fiction Julia might have imagined: a whirlwind relationship with a guy who shares her warped sense of humor and shakes up the just-okay existence she’s been too lazy to change. Ben challenges her to break out; she challenges him to settle down. As weeks turn to months, Julia keeps telling herself that this is a chapter in her life, not the whole book. If she writes the ending, she can’t get hurt. But what if the ending isn’t hers to write?
A Winter Wedding
Author: Brenda Novak
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 0778318443
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-10-27
View: 973
Read: 1011
www.BrendaNovak.com One Christmas can change your life... Kyle Houseman believes he'll never find anyone he could love as much as Olivia Arnold, who's now married to his stepbrother. Not only did he lose her, he's been through one divorce and has no desire to go through another. He's determined to be extra careful about the next woman he gets involved with--which is why he fights his attraction to the beautiful stranger who rents his farmhouse for the Christmas holiday. Lourdes Bennett is a country music artist. She's only planning to stay in Whiskey Creek long enough to write the songs for her next album--the album that's going to put her back on top. Her dreams don't include settling in a town even smaller than the one she escaped. But as she comes to know Kyle, she begins to wonder if she'd be making a terrible mistake to leave him behind...
Summer Dreams, Winter Love
Author: Mary Francis Shura
ISBN: 0590551671
Pages: 343
Year: 1993-02-01
View: 903
Read: 1026
Eilen can't get Michael out of her mind. She knows he might be dangerous, she knows she might get hurt - but she can't stop wanting him.
The Winter Soldier
Author: Daniel Mason
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316477583
Pages: 336
Year: 2018-09-11
View: 174
Read: 345
"A dream of a novel... Part mystery, part war story, part romance." --Anthony Doerr, author of All the Light We Cannot See Vienna, 1914. Lucius is a twenty-two-year-old medical student when World War I explodes across Europe. Enraptured by romantic tales of battlefield surgery, he enlists, expecting a position at a well-organized field hospital. But when he arrives, at a commandeered church tucked away high in a remote valley of the Carpathian Mountains, he finds a freezing outpost ravaged by typhus. The other doctors have fled, and only a single, mysterious nurse named Sister Margarete remains. But Lucius has never lifted a surgeon's scalpel. And as the war rages across the winter landscape, he finds himself falling in love with the woman from whom he must learn a brutal, makeshift medicine. Then one day, an unconscious soldier is brought in from the snow, his uniform stuffed with strange drawings. He seems beyond rescue, until Lucius makes a fateful decision that will change the lives of doctor, patient, and nurse forever. From the gilded ballrooms of Imperial Vienna to the frozen forests of the Eastern Front; from hardscrabble operating rooms to battlefields thundering with Cossack cavalry, The Winter Soldier is the story of war and medicine, of family, of finding love in the sweeping tides of history, and finally, of the mistakes we make, and the precious opportunities to atone.