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Gestion de patrimoine - 2016-2017 - 7e éd.
Author: Arnaud Thauvron
Publisher: Dunod
ISBN: 2100751182
Pages: 592
Year: 2016-05-04
View: 722
Read: 752
Quel montage élaborer pour faire fructifier un patrimoine et/ou réduire son imposition ? Comment utiliser les règles juridiques pour protéger un patrimoine des aléas de la vie et pour le transmettre à un proche dans les meilleures conditions ? Comment optimiser le patrimoine d’une personne ? Quelles stratégies adopter pour le dirigeant d’une entreprise ? Entièrement à jour des dernières dispositions fiscales, cette édition 2016-2017 rassemble toutes les connaissances nécessaires pour réaliser un diagnostic et définir une stratégie patrimoniale. Sur le plan juridique : les lois qui encadrent le patrimoine, le mariage, le Pacs, le divorce, le décès, les donations... Sur le plan fiscal : l’impôt sur les revenus de capitaux mobiliers, l’impôt sur les plus-values mobilières, l’ISF... Sur le plan financier : les produits d’épargne et de placement, l’optimisation d’un patrimoine immobilier, l’assurance-vie, la gestion d’un portefeuille titres, l’épargne retraite... Cet ouvrage écrit par une équipe pluridisciplinaire de spécialistes (avocat, banquier, conseiller en gestion de patrimoine, expert-comptable, fiscaliste, inspecteur des impôts, notaire...) allie principes fondamentaux et outils opérationnels pour le conseiller en gestion de patrimoine.
Doing Business 2017
Author: World Bank
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464809844
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-10-25
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Fourteenth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulation in 190 economies, Doing Business 2017 measures aspects of regulation affecting 10 areas of everyday business activity: • Starting a business • Dealing with construction permits • Getting electricity • Registering property • Getting credit • Protecting minority investors • Paying taxes • Trading across borders • Enforcing contracts • Resolving insolvency These areas are included in the distance to frontier score and ease of doing business ranking. Doing Business also measures features of labor market regulation, which is not included in these two measures. This year’s report introduces major improvements by expanding the paying taxes indicators to cover postfiling processes—tax audits, tax refunds and tax appeals—and presents analysis of pilot data on selling to the government which measures public procurement regulations. Also for the first time this year Doing Business collects data on Somalia, bringing the total number of economies covered to 190. Using the data originally developed by Women, Business and the Law, this year for the first time Doing Business adds a gender component to three indicators—starting a business, registering property, and enforcing contracts—and finds that those economies which limit women’s access in these areas have fewer women working in the private sector both as employers and employees. The report updates all indicators as of June 1, 2016, ranks economies on their overall “ease of doing business†?, and analyzes reforms to business regulation †“ identifying which economies are strengthening their business environment the most. Doing Business illustrates how reforms in business regulations are being used to analyze economic outcomes for domestic entrepreneurs and for the wider economy. It is a flagship product produced in partnership by the World Bank Group that garners worldwide attention on regulatory barriers to entrepreneurship. More than 137 economies have used the Doing Business indicators to shape reform agendas and monitor improvements on the ground. In addition, the Doing Business data has generated over 2,182 articles in peer-reviewed academic journals since its inception.
Big Girl
Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: 0440245214
Pages: 394
Year: 2011
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After her sister gets engaged to a carbon copy of her narcissistic father, plus-size woman Victoria Dawson, who has fled L.A. for less-body-conscious New York City, must learn to love herself for who she is if she is ever going to get on with her life. Reprint. A best-selling novel.
Dictionary of the Civil Code
Author: Gérard Cornu
Publisher: Lexis Nexis
ISBN: 2711021246
Pages: 663
Year: 2014-11-14
View: 673
Read: 912
Le Dictionary of the Civil Code, traduction en anglais de plus de 1600 entrées du Vocabulaire juridique de Gérard Cornu publié sous l'égide de l'Association Henri Capitant des amis de la culture juridique française, présente aux lecteurs, juristes et' non juristes, les notions essentielles du Code civil français. Clef de compréhension du droit civil à travers sa terminologie traduite et expliquée en anglais, les définitions sont enrichies par des références puisées dans le Code civil de Louisiane. Cet ouvrage de référence de la culture juridique française et civiliste est un outil essentiel pour les comparatistes, les civilistes, les jurilinguistes et les traducteurs.
Who Rules the World?
Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
ISBN: 1627793828
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-05-10
View: 1308
Read: 614
A New York Times Bestseller The world’s leading intellectual offers a probing examination of the waning American Century, the nature of U.S. policies post-9/11, and the perils of valuing power above democracy and human rights In an incisive, thorough analysis of the current international situation, Noam Chomsky argues that the United States, through its military-first policies and its unstinting devotion to maintaining a world-spanning empire, is both risking catastrophe and wrecking the global commons. Drawing on a wide range of examples, from the expanding drone assassination program to the threat of nuclear warfare, as well as the flashpoints of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel/Palestine, he offers unexpected and nuanced insights into the workings of imperial power on our increasingly chaotic planet. In the process, Chomsky provides a brilliant anatomy of just how U.S. elites have grown ever more insulated from any democratic constraints on their power. While the broader population is lulled into apathy—diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable—the corporations and the rich have increasingly been allowed to do as they please. Fierce, unsparing, and meticulously documented, Who Rules the World? delivers the indispensable understanding of the central conflicts and dangers of our time that we have come to expect from Chomsky.
If Only It Were True
Author: Marc Levy
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743276841
Pages: 240
Year: 2005-05-17
View: 895
Read: 1075
What do you do when you find a stranger in your closet and she can disappear and reappear at whim? What if she then tells you that her body is actually in a coma on the other side of town? What starts off as a dilemma that Arthur is faced with when he discovers Lauren in his apartment, becomes a heartwarming love story.
Author: Leïla Slimani
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571337554
Pages: 240
Year: 2018-01-04
View: 946
Read: 510
The baby is dead. It took only a few seconds. When Myriam, a French-Moroccan lawyer, decides to return to work after having children, she and her husband look for the perfect caretaker for their two young children. They never dreamed they would find Louise: a quiet, polite and devoted woman who sings to their children, cleans the family's chic apartment in Paris's upscale tenth arrondissement, stays late without complaint and is able to host enviable birthday parties. The couple and nanny become more dependent on each other. But as jealousy, resentment and suspicions increase, Myriam and Paul's idyllic tableau is shattered...
The Basket Counts
Author: Matt Christopher
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316095907
Pages: 125
Year: 2009-12-19
View: 504
Read: 827
On-court hostility threatens Mel's place on the team Mel Jensen is new to the Titans basketball team, but he knows he could be a vital part of the starting lineup-if only two other players would give him a chance to show his stuff. But Caskie and Stoney seem bent on ignoring him, and Mel knows it's because he's black. Should Mel fight fire with fire, or should he try to get along, if only for the sake of the team?
Elements of Quebec Civil Law
Author: Louise Bélanger-Hardy, Aline Grenon
Publisher: Carswell Legal Publications
ISBN: 0459257110
Pages: 580
Year: 2008
View: 382
Read: 833

Letter from an Unknown Woman and Other Stories
Author: Stefan Zweig
Publisher: Pushkin Press
ISBN: 1782270094
Pages: 200
Year: 2013-01-29
View: 527
Read: 242
These four Stefan Zweig stories, newly translated by the award-winning Anthea Bell, are among his most celebrated and compelling work. The titular tale is a devastating depiction of unrequited love, which inspired a classic Hollywood film, directed by Max Ophüls and starring Joane Fontaine. Elsewhere in the collection, a young man mistakes the girl he loves for her sister, two erstwhile lovers meet after an age spent apart, and a married woman repays a debt of gratitude to her childhood sweetheart. Expertly paced, laced with the acutely accurate psychological detail and empathy that are Zweig's trademarks, this is a powerful addition to Pushkin's growing collection of his work. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Simon and Schuster Crossword Puzzle Book
Author: John M. Samson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684848759
Pages: 64
Year: 1999-08-01
View: 690
Read: 454
The latest collection of 50 original puzzles in the series that has won the devotion of crossword fans for generations. Spiral bound.
Le retour à meilleure fortune
Author: David Defrance
Publisher: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 214004410X
Pages: 442
Year: 2017-09-01
View: 650
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Le retour à meilleure fortune est un fait juridique améliorant la situation financière d'un débiteur le mettant en mesure de payer ses créanciers. Mais la purge des dettes neutralise cet effet. L'obligation de paiement du débiteur est alors éteinte, même si la fortune vient de nouveau à lui sourire. Seuls les créanciers mis à l'écart de la purge peuvent exiger un paiement. La Commission a en effet recommandé eux Etats-membres de l'Union d'encourager le rebond du débiteur, en adoptant une politique de la seconde chance en faveur de celui qui a échoué de bonne foi.
Comparative Contract Law
Author: Thomas Kadner Graziano
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
ISBN: 0230579795
Pages: 510
Year: 2009
View: 895
Read: 1018
This is a guide to the principles of European private law enhanced by a practical approach designed to promote learning by doing. Students are introduced to comparative methodology by working through a series of scenarios to be solved.
Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
Author: Matt Groening
Publisher: HarperCollins Entertainment
ISBN: 0007234562
Pages: 124
Year: 2006
View: 677
Read: 844
Matt Groening, the toastmaster of trick or treat, offers up a ghastly good time of Halloween howl-arity based on the especially popular anthology episodes of the TV series. Matt Groening whips up a witches' brouhaha of haunted clown cars, possessed cereal boxes, haunted hospitals, afterlife-binding cocktail napkin IOUs, ring-driven fellowships, neighbourly vampires and costumed comic book guys. Add a revenge-filled bottle of Amontillado, and a rippingly good yarn from merry and bloody olde England, and you have a pleasingly putrid and asphxiatingly amusing tome of tonsil-tickling terror from The Simpsons.
Asterix: Asterix and the Chariot Race
Author: Jean-Yves Ferri
Publisher: Orion Children's
ISBN: 1510104011
Pages: 48
Year: 2017-11-02
View: 390
Read: 514
Join Asterix and Obelix on a wacky new journey with your favorite characters, packed with laughs by the bucket-load and all the usual adventure and action!