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Livres de France
Year: 2010-01
View: 353
Read: 235
Includes, 1982-1995: Les Livres du mois, also published separately.
A Haunted House
Author: Virginia Woolf
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448182123
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-02-26
View: 830
Read: 715
Acclaimed on its first publication, rich in fictional delights, this complete collection of Virginia Woolf's shorter fiction ranges from 1906 until the month before she died in 1941. The volume offers us an invaluable insight into Virginia Woolf's development as a writer, vividly demonstrating her evolving characterisations, narrative methods and themes, often elaborated in her novels, to which this book serves both as a fascinating introduction for new readers and companion for old.
Livres hebdo
Year: 2010-01
View: 356
Read: 372

Classification of Chronic Pain
Author: Harold Merskey, Nikolai Bogduk
Publisher: International Assn for the Study of Pain
Pages: 222
Year: 1994-01-01
View: 312
Read: 1157

The Metaphysics and Ethics of Relativism
Author: Carol Rovane
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674726979
Year: 2013-12-16
View: 456
Read: 655
Relativism is a contested doctrine among philosophers, some of whom regard it as neither true nor false but simply incoherent. As Carol Rovane demonstrates in this tour-de-force, the way to defend relativism is not by establishing its truth but by clarifying its content. The Metaphysics and the Ethics of Relativism elaborates a doctrine of relativism that has a consistent logical, metaphysical, and practical significance. Relativism is worth debating, Rovane contends, because it bears directly on the moral choices we make in our lives. Rovane maintains that the most compelling conception of relativism is the "alternative intuition." Alternatives are truths that cannot be embraced together because they are not universal. Something other than logical contradiction excludes them. When this is so, logical relations no longer hold among all truth-value-bearers. Some truths will be irreconcilable between individuals even though they are valid in themselves. The practical consequence is that some forms of interpersonal engagement are confined within definite boundaries, and one has no choice but to view what lies beyond those boundaries with "epistemic indifference." In a very real sense, some people inhabit different worlds--true in themselves, but closed off to belief from those who hold irreducibly incompatible truths.
Heart Failure and Palliative Care
Author: Miriam Johnson, Richard Lehman
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
ISBN: 1857756436
Pages: 150
Year: 2006
View: 497
Read: 284
Heart failure is a very common terminal condition but few patients receive proper palliative care. This text is full of practical, evidence based advice, and encourages a multidisciplinary team based approrach.
The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses
Author: Conseil international des infirmières
ISBN: 9295040414
Pages: 9
Year: 2005
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Les Livres disponibles
Year: 2003
View: 764
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La liste exhaustive des ouvrages disponibles publiés en langue française dans le monde. La liste des éditeurs et la liste des collections de langue française.
Bibliographie nationale française
Year: 1999
View: 1228
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Les petites bibliothèques publiques
Author: Bertrand Calenge
Publisher: Editions du Cercle de La Librairie
ISBN: 2765409161
Pages: 272
Year: 2006-01-01
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Read: 1009