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Basic Nursing
Author: Leslie S Treas, Judith M Wilkinson
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803640544
Pages: 1758
Year: 2013-09-04
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Read: 654
Thinking. Doing Caring. In every chapter, you’ll first explore the theoretical knowledge behind the concepts, principles, and rationales. Then, you’ll study the practical knowledge involved in the processes; and finally, you’ll learn the skills and procedures. Student resources available at DavisPlus (
Basic Nursing
Author: Leslie S. Treas, Judith M. Wilkinson
Publisher: F A Davis Company
ISBN: 0803627785
Pages: 1708
Year: 2013-09-03
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A one volume approach for Nursing Fundamentals.
Basic Nursing
Author: Leslie S. Treas, Judith M. Wilkinson
ISBN: 1784025291
Year: 2014
View: 1118
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Thinking. Doing. Caring. Leslie S. Treas and Judith Wilkinson, the team that brings you the two-volume approach featured in Fundamentals of Nursing, integrate all of the content and features that are its hallmarks into one carefully designed and written volume that teaches you to "think like nurse" from the very first day. In every chapter, you'll first explore the theoretical knowledge behind the concepts, principles, and rationales. Then, you'll study the practical knowledge involved in the processes; and finally, you'll learn the skills and procedures.
Basic Nursing + Nursing Skills Videos
Author: F. A. Davis
Publisher: F A Davis Company
ISBN: 080364602X
Year: 2015-06-07
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Pocket Nursing Skills
Author: Judith M Wilkinson, Leslie S Treas
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803636938
Pages: 240
Year: 2012-01-25
View: 191
Read: 281
Put the what, why, and how for 106 fundamentals skills and procedures right at your fingertips! From the team of Wilkinson and Treas, this handy guide will become an invaluable companion on the road to becoming a successful nurse.
Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts
Author: Barbara Kuhn Timby
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 078177909X
Pages: 969
Year: 2009
View: 220
Read: 1309
Now in its Ninth Edition, this full-color text combines theoretical nursing concepts, step-by-step skills and procedures, and clinical applications to form the foundation of the LPN/LVN course of study. This edition features over 100 new photographs, exciting full-color ancillaries, end-of-unit exercises, and extensively updated chapters on nursing foundations, laws and ethics, recording and reporting, nutrition, fluid and chemical balance, safety, asepsis, infection control, and medication administration. Coverage includes new information on cost-related issues, emerging healthcare settings, concept mapping, malpractice, documentation and reporting, HIPAA, and more. All Gerontologic Considerations sections have been thoroughly updated by renowned experts.
Fundamentals of Nursing
Author: Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323399916
Pages: 1392
Year: 2016-02-02
View: 348
Read: 557
It’s your complete guide to nursing — from basic concepts to essential skills! Fundamentals of Nursing, 9th Edition prepares you to succeed as a nurse by providing a solid foundation in critical thinking, evidence-based practice, nursing theory, and safe clinical care in all settings. With illustrated, step-by-step guidelines, this book makes it easy to learn important skills and procedures. Care plans are presented within a nursing process framework, and case studies show how to apply concepts to nursing practice. From an expert author team led by Patricia Potter and Anne Griffin Perry, this bestselling nursing textbook helps you develop the understanding and clinical reasoning you need to provide excellent patient care. 51 skills demonstrations provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions for safe nursing care — and include rationales for each step. 29 procedural guidelines provide streamlined, step-by-step instructions for performing basic skills. UNIQUE! Critical Thinking Models in each clinical chapter show how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking to achieve successful clinical outcomes. Evidence-Based Practice chapter shows how nursing research helps in determining best practices. UNIQUE! Caring for the Cancer Survivor chapter prepares nurses to care for cancer patients who may still face physical and emotional issues. Case studies include unique clinical application questions and exercises, allowing you to practice using care plans and concept maps. The 5-step nursing process provides a consistent framework for care, and is demonstrated in more than 20 care plans. 15 review questions in every chapter test your retention of key concepts, with answers available in the book and on the Evolve companion website. Practical study tools on Evolve include video clips of skills, skills checklists, printable key points, a fluid & electrolytes tutorial, a concept map creator, an audio glossary, and more. UNIQUE! Clear, streamlined writing style makes complex material more approachable. More than 20 concept maps show care planning for clients with multiple nursing diagnoses. Key points and key terms in each chapter summarize important content for more efficient review and study. Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions for each skill alert you to potential problems and appropriate nursing actions. Delegation coverage clarifies which tasks can and cannot be delegated. A glossary provides quick access to definitions for all key terms.
Fundamentals of Nursing Care
Author: Marti A Burton, Linda J May Ludwig
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803643888
Pages: 1057
Year: 2014-10-10
View: 1204
Read: 384
Take a fresh, new approach to nursing fundamentals that teaches students how to think, learn, and do while they make the ‘connections’ each step of the way.
Psychosocial Nursing For General Patient Care
Author: Linda M Gorman, Donna F Sultan
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803620594
Pages: 539
Year: 2007-12-24
View: 864
Read: 397
AJN Book of the Year 2008! This concise, quick-reference handbook addresses common psychosocial and psychiatric problems as they are most commonly encountered—in conjunction with a patient’s medical problems. It’s the resource your students can turn to identify symptoms of mental health disorders and know how to intervene quickly and effectively to keep patients safe.
Basic Nursing
Author: Leslie S. Treas, Judith M. Wilkinson, Karen L. Barnett, Mable H. Smith
ISBN: 0803659423
Pages: 1800
Year: 2017-10-27
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Davis Advantage for Basic Nursing Instant Access: 978-0-8036-6819-5 Access Card: 978-0-8036-6818-8 LEARN-APPLY-ASSESS Davis Advantage for Basic Nursing takes an all-new approach to RN Fundamentals education by offering a unique focus on the Learn-Apply-Assess continuum. This complete solution integrates an innovative textbook with online adaptive technology to make learning personal. Together, they create a seamless experience that tracks each student's progress and assesses their knowledge until they have mastered the concepts and are ready to apply them in class, clinical, and practice. A special code in the front of the book unlocks online Personalized Learning Plans and Quizzing for students and an interactive ebook version of the text. LEARN The Textbook Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring, 2nd Edition This student-focused text teaches students to "Think Like a Nurse" from the very first day, connecting the concepts students are learning in class to the real world in which they will practice. A consistent and concise organization along with a wealth of pedagogical features promote critical thinking and clinical decision making by emphasizing the Thinking, Doing, and Caring at the heart of professional practice they will do as nurses. In every chapter, they'll first explore the theoretical knowledge behind the concepts, principles, and rationales. Then, they'll study the practical knowledge involved in the processes; and finally, learn the skills and procedures. APPLY Online Personalized Learning Plans Personalized learning plans offer multiple paths to learning success. Students are assessed on their comprehension of key topics and then are given a plan to work through based on their strengths and weaknesses. Interactive case studies, video animations and dynamic activities engage students and bring the concepts to life to help drive mastery. Click here to read the white paper. ASSESS Online Personalized Quizzing Davis Edge's online quizzing platform uses NCLEX(R)-style questions for assessment and remediation. Its interactive, question-based format provides the practice students need to master course content and improve their scores on classroom exams through a series of personalized quizzes based on each student's performance. Click here for a preview of the text and the resources available when you purchase this book.
Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Judgment
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323358934
Year: 2016-01-01
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Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing - Australian Version
Author: Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0729578623
Pages: 5742
Year: 2012-02-01
View: 605
Read: 1139
Please note that this eBook does not include the DVD accompaniment. If you would like to have access to the DVD content, please purchase the print copy of this title. Now in its 3rd edition, Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing continues to be the definitive text for nursing students in our region. The new edition builds on the strengths of the highly successful previous editions with greater authorship, increased local research, evidence and concepts particular to the health care systems of Australia and New Zealand. Fully revised and updated by leading Australian and New Zealand nurse educators. It presents essential nursing skills in a clear format consistent with Australian and New Zealand practice, placing greater emphasis on critical thinking skill explanations, revised procedural recommendations, infection control considerations and updated medications information. Health Care Delivery System (Chapter 2) – now includes New Zealand content and walks the student through the evolution of health care delivery systems in our region. Engaging in Clinical Inquiry and Practice Development (Chapter 5) written by Jackie Crisp and Professor Brendan McCormack provides a contemporary perspective on the processes underpinning nursing knowledge development, utilisation and their role in the ongoing advancement of nursing practice. Managing Client Care (Chapter 20) is an exciting newly revised chapter that engages the student in exploring nursing issues in managing client care within the context of contemporary health care systems. New Chapter on Caring for the Cancer Survivor New Zealand Supplement Legal Implications of Nursing Practice Now includes evolve e-books Now students can search across Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing 3E electronically via a fully searchable online version. Students can take notes, highlight material and more. The e-book is included with this edition at no extra cost. New Resources for Students and Instructors on Evolve: Nursing Skills Online for Fundamentals of Nursing provides students with 17 interactive modules which expand on textbook concepts, through the use of media rich animations. It encourages decision-making and critical-thinking skills through case-based and problem-oriented lessons. Nursing Skills Online for Fundamentals of Nursing may be purchased separately as a User guide & Access code (ISBN: 9780729539388) Online Study guide for students is an ideal supplement with Skills Performance Check lists designed to challenge students’ abilities. Clinical knowledge can be further tested through additional short answer and review questions.
Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing
Author: Susan C. DeWit, Patricia A. O'Neill
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437727468
Pages: 933
Year: 2013-01-18
View: 791
Read: 860
This market-leading textbook offers an engaging format and clear writing style that make it easy to master the basic nursing concepts and skills you need to practice in a variety of care settings. Its nursing process framework, health promotion focus, emphasis on critical thinking, and thorough coverage of communication and patient teaching provide a strong foundation for your nursing education. Full-color illustrations, critical thinking exercises, and practical examples help you strengthen and apply your knowledge of essential nursing concepts.
Procedure Checklists For Fundamentals of Nursing
Author: Judith M Wilkinson, Leslie S Treas, Karen L Barnet, Mable H Smith
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803642318
Pages: 412
Year: 2016-04-17
View: 453
Read: 298
Begin with the principle-based checklist that you’ll use with all the procedures. Then, for each individual procedure, you’ll follow and check off all of the steps in the order that they must be performed to ensure the safety of both the patient and the nurse.
Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing
Author: Barbara J. Kozier MN, RN, Glenora Erb BScN, RN, Audrey T Berman, Shirlee Snyder, Madeleine Buck RN, BScN, MScN, Lucia Yiu RN, BSc, BA, MScN, Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler RN, PhD
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
ISBN: 0133130509
Pages: 1680
Year: 2013-03-05
View: 733
Read: 938
Note: If you are purchasing an electronic version, MyNursingLab does not come automatically packaged with it. To purchase MyNursingLab, please visit or you can purchase a package of the physical text and MyNursingLab by searching for ISBN 10: 0133249786 / ISBN 13: 9780133249781. Helping undergraduate students evolve into nursing professionals prepared to meet the demands of their vocation, Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing equips students with a broad and solid foundation. The third Canadian edition addresses the key concepts that nurses must know to practice knowledgeably, accurately, legally, ethically, and with sensitivity and compassion in the dynamic Canadian health care system. Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing focuses on 3 important tenets: process, such as critical thinking, clinical reasoning, decision making; concepts like health promotion, disease prevention, and caring; and skills, such as health assessment, hygiene, and safety. Additionally, the textbook highlights basic nursing care across the lifespan in a variety of settings. Written in clear and accessible language, beginning nurses learn about best practices with real-world applications from the experts. Representing a pan-Canadian experience, the lead editors enlisted two authors, each from different provinces to reflect different geographical experiences, for many chapters. Special features facilitate learning and highlight the 5 major themes that form the framework for this edition–Primary Health Care, Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, Nursing Process, and Lifespan Considerations. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images found in the physical edition.